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Concept Illustration of Acropolis City

Acropolis City, in the center of the continent of Acronia, is the economic center of the continent and the first city new players will enter.

The city is divided into two parts, downtown and uptown. Downtown is a labyrinth that runs under the city. Uptown is the cosmopolitan top side of the city were many of the merchants can be found. Uptown is restricted by the city guard, only those who possess a pass will be allowed to enter.


City Guard

The four main gates to the city are guarded by the knights of the Acronia Knigtage. These are the members of their representative factions who protect the city from any harm that may come. Though each faction would like to gain control of the city they have agreed to share the job of protecting the city and to preserve the free trade aspect of Acropolis.


Acropolis City Downtown Map.jpg

Downtown Acropolis City is underneath the surface. Anyone who comes to the city first visits downtown. The open access to downtown means that many of the cities lower class live here.

There are many interesting people and several important shops that are only located in downtown.


Main article: Theater

Downtown is were the theaters are found. There are four theaters located in the central square. The theaters are a collaboration between the Emil Chronicle Online developers and the anime design studio Production I.G. Theaters offer players the chance to watch various ECO related videos in game.

To access the theaters players will need to purchase an in-game ticket from the theater NPC within 10 minutes of the playing of the video. Players with the appropriate ticket will be allowed to enter the theater 1 minute before the video begins.

The theaters were not open during the CBT so we have not been able to confirm the mechanics in the English version.

Important NPCs

There are several NPCs that players will have to interact with to progress in the game.

  • Elegant Lady – She is an important part of several quests including one way to get an Acropolis City Pass and some of the catty quests.
  • Cafe Master – He will be the first quest giver for most new players.
  • Pantologist – Part of the tutorial process for new players. He explains the ways to get an Acropolis City Pass.


Main article: Acropolis City Downtown Shopping Guide

Downtown doesn't have as many merchant shops as uptown, however there are a few merchants selling items that you cannot find in uptown.


Acropolis City Map.jpg

Uptown is the well kept top side of Acropolis City. This is where many of the cities upper class and merchants call home.

Those looking for a job will need to visit the Guild Palace in the north. Most of the job masters reside there. The vates job master is in the White Church on the east side of town, while warlocks job master is in the Black Church in the west side of town.

Offer a Copper Medal inside the district to receive an item.

Getting access to Uptown

New players will not be able to enter uptown until they get an Acropolis City Pass. There are four ways to get an Acropolis City Pass.

  • Join The Army
    You can join one of the guard factions at level 3. Simply walk into the guard station of your choice and speak with the commander.
    Be Aware: Choosing a faction is permanent! Once you pick a faction you cannot change it later.
  • Talk To The Army
    Go to any guard faction and talk to the Commander. He will refuse you, since you haven't proved yourself (only if you haven't done a cafe quest). Talk to the secretary, and he will ask you to kill 5 Pururus. After you complete your quest, go back to the secretary and earn your reward. Finally, talk to the commander again. He will ask if you want to join the faction again. Select the choice "Let me think about this some more". Then, go to the entrance to uptown right outside of the guard faction. The guard will be ecstatic that you considered joining the faction, so he will tell you to go to the elegant lady. Talk to her, and you will get your pass.
  • Talk To The City Governor
    The City governor is the Elegant Lady in downtown square. She will give you a pass after you complete 1 Café quest. You have to ask the Pantologist how to enter Uptown before she will offer the conversation topic.
  • Get A Counterfeit
    Talk to the specialist. He is located in a building at the most north west of downtown (quite hidden, but you can look at mini map). Ask him to make forged pass. At first, he refused to make it. So, next is go to Pantologist to hear that you need to make Curry for him.
    You receive a pass listed as fake, but does not disappear on use.

What to do in Uptown

  • There is the Black Church and White Church here, to become a vates or a warlock.
  • The Guild Palace is here also, to become any of the other jobs.
  • There are many shops/npcs.
  • Hair stylists: Change your hair style for 13k. (10k perm, 3k cut). Also will take many brochures for free haircut.
  • Sewing Lady: sells some armor, also will sew items for you for a price.
  • Sage: nothing much yet (take 100 paper to form a book of knowledge) (unconfirmed)
  • Jeweller: sells accessories, can make accessories for you for a price.
  • Also, you can find Elina to choose your first Marionettes.
  • Talk to Tiny and you will teleported you to Tiny Island.


Main article: Acropolis City Uptown Shopping Guide

Uptown is home to many NPC merchants that have a wide variety of items for sale.

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