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Fareast City is the capital of the Republic of Fareast, home to the Indomitable East - Green Faction, and the first town that players will enter upon crossing the Eastern borders at the East Cape. Then you have to walk through Momo Plains and enter the portal at the east, to arrive at the Fareast City. Fareast City is the capital of the Republic of Fareast. The central shopping center buildings are spread alongside the farmland. Warriors may revive in the west plaza.

To the far east of Fareast is the Eastern Dungeon. To the north is Enigma Group Fortress, and to the south is the Breadbasket.

Monster Materials
Weed, Orchard Tree

Fareast City Access

Players will not be able to enter town until they get a Fareast Republic Pass.

There are several ways to get a Fareast Republic Pass.

  • Buy from other players
    The pass is able to sell or trade, you can ask others (who able to buy it from their job master) to help buy for you.
  • Get it from an alt
    If you have an alt who can purchase the pass from his job master then you can store it at a Guild Merchant and pick it up on another character.
  • Stowaway
    Travel via other players (through spiritual possession).
  • Join Army East Faction
    You can join the East Faction and receive access to the Fareast Republic.
    Be Aware: Choosing a faction is permanent! Once you pick a faction you cannot change it later.

Getting access to town

Upon arrival at East Border Gate, talk to East Border Guard(s) As you step through the portal, you will lose the pass.

Do not be alarmed as you can now cross back and forth without a pass.

What to do in town

  1. Talk to Mrs. Fareast to get a Welcome Flower (chest accessory)
  2. Beware of swines... Yes, even in town.


Map of Fareast City

Eastern Dungeon
Revival NPC ~ Establish a save point.
Tourist Bureau ~ Ask for directions.
Guild Merchant ~ Items are sold here and the bank may be found.
Guild Merchant ~ Items are sold here and the bank may be found.
Green Army Master Sergeant
■ Resistance Mercenary ~ Continue onward to Heaven's Tower Island.

Town Hall
Farmer Guild Headquarters
Green Defense Force Base
Breeder Guild
Liquor Shop
Jeweler's Shop
Weapon Shop
Magic Shop
Hut ~ Obtain a free pass to Enigma Group Fortress by entering the password "Friend of Enigma Group".
Obstan the Lumberjack's House

Grocery Store ~ Buy food here.
Drugstore ~ Buy recovery items here.
Junk Shop ~ Buy materials or synthesize items here.
Rip-off Shop Dealer ~ Get high-priced items here.
Worried Adventurer
Trouled Adventurer
Merry Al
Farmer Guild Guide
Geezer Mutsu
Flower Girl
Princess Roku ~ Receive 666 animals quest.
Dye Lady ~ Ask to dye miniskirts.
Neighborhood Association Lady
Green Defense Force Dog
Green Defense Force Novice A
Green Defense Force Novice B
Green Defense Force Novice C
Samurai Farm Family

Water Director
Young Lady's Orchard ~ Juice is made here.
Sam Farmer Family (Hit nearby weed to get mandra carrot)
Paul (Hit nearby weed to get mandra carrot)
Bianca (Hit nearby weed to get mandra carrot)

Man in Office ~ Receive a cleanup quest.
Farmer Guild Leader
Tatarabe Master Representative
Merchant Master Representative
Ranger Master Representative
Sleeping Commoner
Green Force Soldier
Breeder Guild Reception
Breeder Guild Member
Bar Master ~ Buy recovery items.
Jeweler's Shop ~ Buy or process jewelry.
Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal items.
Appraiser ~ Appraise Items.
Weapons Shop ~ Buy weapons.
Magic Shop ~ Buy magic items.
Seamstress ~ Buy tailoring items or services.
Shady Merchant
Enigma Group Contact

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant (North Side)

Soft Leather Armor.png Soft Leather Wear 2,500G
Hard Leather Armor.png Hard Leather Wear 3,000G
Leather Clothing.png Leather Jacket 4,500G
Leather Vest.png Leather Frill 5,000G
Stylish Cap.png Elegant Cap 7,500G
High Quality Slippers (Green).png Noble Green Slipper (Green) 660G
Canvas Shoes (Blue).png Blue Athletic Shoes 2,300G
Canvas Shoes (Green).png Pastel Green Athletic Shoes 2,300G
Rucksack (Pink).png Pink Knapsack 11,000G
Small Traveling Bag.png Small Size Travel Bag 6,800G
Small Traveling Bag (Left Hand Side).png Left-Hand Side Small Size Travel Bag 6,800G
Big Traveling Bag.png Big Size Travel Bag 8,900G

Guild Merchant (South Side)

Healing Potion.png Heal Potion 300G
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Weak Cartridges.png Weak Cartridges 3G
Cartridges.png Cartridges 5G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 10G
Kunai.png Kunai 15G

Breeder Guild Reception

Breeder Jacket (M).png Breeder Jacket (M) 45,000G
Breeder Dress (F).png Breeder Dress (F) 45,000G
Breeder Long Boots (M).png Breeder Long Boots (M) 30,000G
Breeder Boots (F).png Breeder Boots (F) 30,000G


Nut Bread.png Breadfruit Nut 15G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G
Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 120G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 60G
Sandwich.png Sandwich 700G
Fruit Juice.png Fruit Juice 350G
High Class Fruit Juice.png Organic Fruit Juice 700G
Insect Feed.png Insect Feed 30G
Bird Feed.png Bird Feed 30G
Fish Feed.png Fish Feed 30G
Animal Feed.png Animal Feed 30G

Jeweler's Shop

Pliers.png Pliers 2,000G
Hammer.png Iron Hammer 1,000G
Scissors.png Scissors 2,000G
Crafting Kit.png Crafting Kit 3,000G
Welcome Flower (Blue).png Welcome Flower (Blue) 600G
Welcome Flower (Black).png Welcome Flower (Black) 600G
Welcome Flower (Green).png Welcome Flower (Green) 600G
Ribbon.png Ribbon 1,650G
Big Ribbon.png Big Ribbon 4,200G
Ornamental Ribbon.png Ornamental Ribbon 1,100G
Big Ornamental Ribbon.png Big Ornamental Ribbon 1,500G

Weapons Shop

Sword Stopper.png Sword Stopper 30,000G
Circler.png Circler 9,000G
Iron Shield.png Iron Shield 11,000G
Heraldic Shield.png Heraldic Shield 11,000G
Emil Sword.png Emil Sword 59,000G
Bamboo Angling Spear.png Bamboo Angling Spear 52,500G
Sickle.png Sickle 33,000G
Plow.png Plow 40,000G

Magic Shop

Healing Potion.png Heal Potion 300G
Plant Nutrients.png Plant Nutrients 150G
Scepter.png Scepter 7,200G
Magic Rod.png Magic Rod 13,000G
Short Robe.png Short Robe 3,750G


Sewing Needle.png Needle 1,000G
Sewing Kit.png Tailoring Kit 4,800G
Yarn.png Thread 750G
Strong Yarn.png Durable Thread (not in-game currently) 1,300G
Cloth.png Cloth 300G

Seamstress (Clothing)

Plain Clothing.png Simple Top 10,000G
Plain Pants.png Simple Pants 3,400G
Boxer Shorts.png Boxer Pants 6,000G
Check Pants.png Checker Pants 6,000G
Miniskirt.png Miniskirt(F) 500G
Navy Blue Socks.png Indigo Blue Socks 100G
Socks (Snow White).png White Socks 100G
Socks (Blue Stripes).png Indigo Blue Line Socks 100G

Grocery Store

Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 120G
Nut Bread.png Breadfruit Nut 15G
Apple.png Apple 54G
Apricot.png Apricot 54G
Orange.png Orange 54G
Cherry.png Cherry 54G
Potato.png Potato 153G
Egg.png Egg 100G
Cabbage.png Lettuce 30G
Sugar.png Sugar 100G
Salt.png Salt 100G
Giant Wheat Flour.png Giant Wheat Flour 250G


Healing Potion.png Heal Potion 300G
Plant Nutrients.png Plant Nutrients 150G
Scepter.png Scepter 7,200G
Magic Rod.png Magic Rod 13,000G
Short Robe.png Short Robe 3,750G

Junk Store

Rusty Mold.png Old Mold 500G
Copper Needle.png Copper Needle 1,300G
Screw.png Screw 10G
Nail.png Nail 10G
Rivet.png Tack 30G

Rip-off Merchant

Healing Potion.png Heal Potion 900G
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion 900G
Stamina Potion.png Stamina Potion 900G
High Grade Healing Potion.png High Heal Potion 2,940G
Pet Food.png Pet Food 450G
Plant Nutrients.png Plant Nutrients 450G

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