Eastern Acronia Plains

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Eastern Acronia Plains
Location Eastern Acronia Plains.jpg
Connecting Zones
Acropolis City, Acronia Forest, Lake Utena
Map Properties
Map Level
This zone is recommended for levels 1-5.

Eastern Acronia Plains, part of the Acronia Plains, is a field in central Acronia that lies just outside the eastern Acropolis City bridge. It is the first leg in the journey from Acropolis City to Fareast City and its agricultural kingdom.

This field is perfect for players to start leveling a new character. Here players will find a Beginner's School, an outdoor cafe where players can get quests, a Guild Merchant for basic supplies and item storage, and a number of low-level monsters roaming around.

Eastern Acronia Plains has no base properties, the map itself is property neutral.



The Eastern Acronia Plains are lush, green, and almost perfectly flat, part of the green plains that surround Acropolis City. The wildlife of the plains includes pururus, urchins, and crawlers.

There are no dungeons in the Eastern Acronia Plains.

Map and points of interest

Map of Eastern Acronia Plains

Adjacent zones

Name Level range Direction
Acropolis City n/a West
Acronia Forest 5-10 North
Lake Utena 5-10 South


There are quests available in this zone from the outdoor cafe. Many of the beginning quests from the Cafe Master in Acropolis City will send players to this field to kill monsters or collect resources.


The monsters in Eastern Acronia Plains are not aggressive, so it is a safe place for beginners.


Vendor information

Guild Merchant

Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 10G
Club.png Club 300G
Pouch.png Pouch 1500G
Wood Shield.png Wood Shield 950G
Cap.png Cap 850G
Field Jacket (M).png Field Jacket (M) 1100G
Leather Dress (F).png Leather Dress (F) 1260G
Women's Work Pants (Beige).png Beige Balloon Capri Pants 1250G
Shorts (Denim).png Denim Shorts 1000G
Shoes.png Shoes 1000G
Rucksack.png Rucksack 11000G

Old Grocery Store Lady

Nut Bread.png Nut Bread 15G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G
Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 120G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 60G
Sugar.png Sugar 100G
Salt.png Salt 100G
Giant Wheat Flour.png Giant Wheat Flour 250G
Egg.png Egg 100G
Cabbage.png Lettuce 30G

Curious Maid

Fruit Juice.png Fruit Juice 350G
High Class Fruit Juice.png High Class Fruit Juice 700G
Sandwich.png Sandwich 700G
Deluxe Sandwich.png Deluxe Sandwich 1200G
Egg Sandwich.png Egg Sandwich 600G
Cookie.png Cookie 500G
Chocolate Chip Cookie.png Chocolate Chip Cookie 1000G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G

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