Battleship Island

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Battleship Island is directly southwest of Mothgue Cliff. There is a small village on the southwestern edge of map, along with the Dead Mine dungeon. Those that are not members of the Land Of Morg Faction need to present a pass to the guards to gain entrance into the city. In the crook of the cliffs at the center of the map rests the Wind Spirit.

Killer Bee, Bawoo, Yellow Pururu, Coal Tar, Tanker, Wasp, Bear, Queen Bee
Monsters (Below Cliffs)
Bear, Cave Bear, Red Beast
Monster Materials
Window Flower, Rock, Stone, Boulder, Iron Ore Rock, Mineral Deposit, Wind Crystal, Wooden Box 3

Map Elements: Wind



Map of Battleship Island

Dead Mine

Guild Merchant ~ Buy items or use the bank.
Morg Guard

Wind Spirit ~ Arrows or Wind Summoning Rocks will awaken the spirit.
Blood Red - Soothing Blue - Mellow Yellow - Simple Green - Cool Black ~ Receive a high level quest. (Ranger Mainstream)
Spear Merchant
Fire Drago
Craftsmen ~ Ask for furnishings or Airship repairs.
Shady Merchant ~ Buy an Morg Pass.

Scout Guild Member

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Healing Potion.png Healing Potion 300G
Stamina Potion.png Stamina Potion 300G
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion 300G
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Tiger Mask.png Tiger Mask 12800G
Studless Plate Helmet.png Studless Plate Helmet 11200G
High Leather Armor.png High Leather Armor 12000G
Red High Leather Armor.png Red High Leather Armor 12000G
Studless Plate.png Studless Plate 33000G
Long Pants (Denim).png Long Pants (Denim) 1500G
Long Pants (Beige).png Long Pants (Beige) 1500G
Safety Shoes.png Safety Shoes 8200G


Norman Wallpaper.png Norman Wallpaper 10000G
Wooden Flooring.png Wooden Flooring 10000G
Stylish Table.png Stylish Table 5000G
Stylish Chair.png Stylish Chair 5000G
Small Carpet.png Small Carpet 5000G
Bed.png Bed 5000G
Wooden Board Fence.png Wooden Board Fence 5000G
Lumber.png Lumber 800G

Shady Merchant

Morg Passport Permit.png Morg Pass 5000G

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