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Emil Chronicle Online (often shortened to ECO) is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in a future fantasy world where humans (Emil), angels (Titania) and demons (Dominion) coexist in the same world.


Game Introduction

Concept illustration of Acropolis City

Emil Chronicle Online takes place in the land of Acronia. There exists three races; Emil (human race), Titania (angels), and Dominion (demons). In relation to our understanding of the worlds Tatania is above the world of Acronia, while Dominion is below it.

In the distant future the civilization completely depleted the Earth's valuable resources. In its search for new resources worlds which were never meant to be connected were bridged. Complete chaos ensued between the three races. Humans entered into the heavens and underworlds, realms never meant for them. From the aftermath of chaos was the emergence of a new history. There was a great effort to rebuild and regroup as each race reclaimed their rightful spot in the world.


The artistic style of ECO is heavily influenced by Japanese anime style. All of the characters, worlds and effects are designed make players feel like they are taking part in an anime style adventure.


Dominion character in combat.

Gameplay in ECO mostly revolves around PVE (Player vs. Environment), however players are allowed to engage in PVP (Player vs. Player) combat in specific settings.

ECO has a large variety of jobs, 36 in total. Players are given the choice to pick one of the twelve job trees which allow them to advance through three jobs. All of the jobs have different bonuses and skill sets. This wide selection of jobs, and the mechanics that allow players to change jobs while keeping a few of their favorite skills allows player characters to enjoy a diverse array of play styles that they can tailor to their own liking.


Emil Chronicle Online was developed by Headlock in Japan, who sold worldwide licensing rights to Gravity. The English version is sublicensed for release in Malaysia and Singapore by Run Up.


The Malaysia and Singapore release of ECO is planned to be a Free To Play model. Anyone can download and play the game at no cost. Run Up will make money by selling in-game items for real world currency via a cash shop (the item shop).


The original Japanese version of Emil Chronicle Online was released in Japan on November 24, 2005.

Run Up had a Closed Beta test for the game from July 8, 2009 through July 22, 2009. Open beta is scheduled to begin on September 30, 2009.

The English release of Emil Chronicle Online is currently pending Open Beta. There is an "OB Trial" online now. The Acropolis server opened to the public on September 25, 2009 for the OB Trial. All data on this server will be wiped at the beginning of the Open Beta.

System Requirements

The client software has minimal system requirements. ECO is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
  • DirectX 9.0c

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Suggested
CPU PentiumIII 2.0Ghz Pentium4 3.0Ghz or Core2
Memory 1GB 2GB
Video Card Geforce 2 MX

Radeon 8500

Geforce 7300 GT

Radeon 9660

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