Mai Mai Island

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Mai Mai Island is a forest-covered island east of Tonka Island. You may get to Mai Mai Island from the airport on Tonka Island. The Baobab forest and the forest lodge in the guild may be explored at night. The Mai Mai Ruins dungeon is located near the northwest beach.



Map of Mai Mai Island

Mai Mai Ruins

Guild Merchant ~ Buy items and use the bank.
Forest Guild ~ Ask for information.
Doll Forces

Gardener Guild

Drugstore ~ Buy recovery items.
Armor Shop ~ Buy armor
Grocery Store ~ Buy food.
Liquor Store ~ Receive a quest.
Pilgrim Wizard
Anonymouse Lumberjack
Pet Doctor ~ Heal one pet once per day.
Old Man Pilgrim
Old Lady Pilgrim
Couple on a Sleigh
Fortuneteller Pilgrim
North Search Party
South Search Party
East Search Party
West Search Party
Gunner Search Party
Beach-gazing Commando
Airship Captain
Mandragora Icon

Forest Guild Member ~ Take a break for 360G.
Dye Lady
Rina ~ Ask to dye Sinion Caps.
Den Den

Gardener Master


Baobab Forest

Name Level HP EXP / J.EXP Element Behaviour
Lost Metallic 24 14 333 / 33 None Escaping, Aggresive
Escargo 75 6000 2600 / 2500 None Passive
Shining Bee 75 5600 2000 / 2300 Wind, Dark Passive, Assist -> Shining Bee, Golden Spider
Golden Spider 77 6500 2600 / 2750 Earth, Dark Passive, Assist -> Golden Spider, Shining Bee
Tropical Gigo 78 6500 2550 / 2700 Wind Aggresive
Balulu 94 15000 4500 / 4600 Earth Passive
Balulu Child 94 15400 6600 / 6750 Earth Aggresive
Horn Beast 100 225000 12000 / 13000 Earth Aggresive

Material Monsters:

Map Elements

  • North Side: None
  • South Side: Water

Nighty Baobab Forest

Name Level HP EXP / J.EXP Element Behaviour
Shining Bee 90 10000 3300 / 2800 Wind, Light Passive, Assist -> Shining Bee, Golden Spider
Golden Spider 91 13000 3200 / 3500 Earth, Light Passive, Assist -> Golden Spider, Shining Bee
Balulu 94 15000 4500 / 4600 Earth Passive
Surveyor 94 14500 3500 / 3800 None Aggresive
Wild Dragon 95 25000 4600 / 5000 Fire Aggresive
Orcus 96 17500 5000 / 5500 Dark Passive, Cast Sensor (Range)

Material Monsters:

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Trap Tool.png Trap Tool 1500G
Space-time Key.png Space-time Key 5000G
Tropical Corsage (Blue).png Tropical Corsage (Blue) 34000G
Tropical Corsage (Orange).png Tropical Corsage (Orange) 34000G
Bloody Pendant (Purple).png Bloody Pendant (Purple) 41000G
Bloody Pendant (Black).png Bloody Pendant (Black) 41000G
Knitted Tights (White).png Knitted Tights (White) 4500G

Gardener (Uniforms)

Gardener Casket.png Gardener Casket 30000G
Gardener Headdress.png Gardener Headdress 45000G
Gardener Work Wear (M).png Gardener Work Wear (M) 45000G
Gardener Dress (F).png Gardener Dress (F) 40000G
Gardener Boots (F).png Gardener Boots (F) 20000G
Gardener Waist Pouch.png Gardener Waist Pouch 25000G

Gardener (Miscellaneous Goods)

Plant Nutrients.png Plant Nutrients 150G
Secateurs.png Secateurs 5000G
Watering Can.png Watering Can 5000G
Flowerpot.png Flowerpot 6000G


Healing Potion.png Healing Potion 3000G
High Grade Healing Potion.png High Grade Healing Potion 9800G
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion 3000G
Stamina Potion.png Stamina Potion 3000G
Resurrection Potion.png Resurrection Potion 50000G
Ether.png Ether 5000G
Poison Potion.png Poison Potion 300G

Armor Shop

Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 10G
Cartridges.png Cartridges 50G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 100G
Kunai.png Kunai 150G
Chakram.png Chakram 300G
Electric Chakram.png Electric Chakram 450G
Missile.png Missile 500G
Grenade Bullet.png Grenade Bullet 10000G

Grocery Store

Nut Bread.png Nut Bread 150G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 400G
Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 1200G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 600G
Sugar.png Sugar 1000G
Salt.png Salt 1000G
Giant Wheat Flour.png Giant Wheat Flour 2500G
Egg.png Egg 1000G
Pizza Dough.png Pizza Dough 5000G
Pizza Toppings.png Pizza Toppings 5000G

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