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Job map table.

A Job (sometimes called a "Class") is the role of a character which determines the type of Weapons and Armor you can use, as well as what Skills, and bonuses you will gain as you advance in the game. Your play style and role in a Party will be determined by what job you pick and what skills you choose to focus on.

Every job has some amount of combat ability. Dedicated combat jobs are simply better at it, but usually lack support skills that can be very helpful when adventuring alone or with limited resources.

All players start with the Novice job. This default job has few restrictions but no benefits. There is nothing to stop players from leveling up as a novice.

To deal with greater challenges and further adventures, you will want to change your job. Once you change your job you can start playing a role and you will be able to learn new skills and equip new items.


Job Classes

All jobs except Novice fall into one of three classifications. Warriors which focus on melee combat and raw power, Mages which focus on spell casting, and Backpackers which focus on the gathering, creating and selling of items.

Warriors are the weapons specialists, they excel in using melee and ranged weapons in combat.
Mages are the masters of magic, they cast spells that have various effects.
Backpackers are the foundation of the economy, they are experts in finding, creating and gathering items.
Joint Jobs
Special secondary jobs that can be learned alongside a player's regular job.
Not implemented in the english release of ECO yet.

Job Change

First Job Change

Depending on the job you would like, you will need to go to the Emil Base, the White Church or the Black Church in Uptown Acropolis City. Find and speak to the job master for the job you desire and go through the process for the job change. This process is different for every job and may vary by race. Some jobs are restricted to certain races.

Choosing your first job permanently sets your advancement path. Once you make your first job change you can only advance through that job and its subsequent jobs.

Second Job - Expert/Technical Job Change

Second tier Job advancement. There are two types of 2nd tier job, Expert and Technical. Both of it serves different kinds of skills and fighting styles. Player can always switch between these two types without limit, but it will consume your job level. (see table below for details)

When you reach a high enough level you will be eligible for your second job transformation. Speak with your job master and ask for a Job Change. You may attain your second job at Job level 30 or higher.

Third Job Change

Third tier Job advancement. Not implemented yet.

(Later in SAGA 11)

Skills and Levels

Job Level Consumption

Changing jobs between a Expert Job and a Technical Job (and vice-versa) will consume a number of your job levels. This number is dependent on the job level of the job you are changing from, and will be subtracted from the job level of the job you are changing to.

Job Level Level Loss Job Level Level Loss
1-5 0 31-35 6
6-10 1 36-40 7
11-15 2 41-45 8
16-20 3 46-49 9
21-25 4 50 10
26-30 5

The initial and minimum job level is 1, so the first time you change from your Expert Job to your Technical Job, the job level of your Technical Job will still be 1 and not a negative number.

You can prevent the loss of job levels by using Hourglass of Memory. You will need one Hourglass of Memory for each job level you wish to save.

Skill Transfer

When changing job between Expert to Technical or Technical to Expert, all the skills of both jobs will be reset.

You will be allowed to keep up to 5 of your skills from the last job, based on the job level you have attained. You can select the skills you want to keep during the job change process.

Job Level/Skills Saved Table

Job Level Attained Skill Transfers
1-9 0
10-19 1
20-29 2
30-39 3
40-49 4
50 5

Jobs Table

This table demonstrates the relationships of the different jobs.

Basic Job Expert Job Technical Job Chronicle Job Group
Novice Swordsman Blade Master Bounty Hunter Gladiator Warriors
Fencer Knight Dark Stalker Guardian
Scout Assassin Commando Eraser
Archer Striker Gunner Hawk eye
Wizard Sorcerer Sage Force Master Mages
Shaman Elementalist Enchanter Astralist
Warlock Cabalist Necromancer Soul Taker
Vates Druid Bard Cardinal
Miner Blacksmith Engineer Maestro Backpackers
Farmer Alchemist Marionettist Harvest
Ranger Explorer Treasure Hunter Stryder
Merchant Trader Gambler Royal Dealer
Breeder Joint jobs


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