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The Emil Chronicle Wiki is a community built knowledge base for the English version of Emil Chronicle Online being released by Run Up in Malaysia and Singapore.


The goal of this wiki is to completely document the game and provide an invaluable resource to players. We are trying to make high quality, comprehensive articles about all of the game play mechanics and features available to the ECO community.

Community Project

All of the content on this site is written by regular people just like you and me. We don't have access to the source code so all we can do is document what we know about the game from first and second hand experience.

Who Can Edit

Anyone, anywhere can edit this wiki.

Join The Project

Help us build and improve the content on this wiki. If you see an error please click the "Edit" link and fix it! If you see a missing article that you know something about start it. The rest of the community will help you build it.


This site is not affiliated with Headlock, Gravity, Run Up or any of the other official developers, distributors or licensees of Emil Chronicle Online.

Contact Us

You can contact the staff or members of the Emil Chronicle Wiki by posting on the Message Forums or by leaving a message on a users talk page.

See Also

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