Cape Southerin

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The Cape Southerin is directly south of Staff Desert and directly north of Ghost Shelter. There is a small village on the southern edge of map. Those that are not members of the United Ironsmith Republic Faction need to present a pass to the guards to gain entrance into the city.

Amber Jelly, Bawoo, Sand Crawler, Crimson Bawoo, BriKing RX1, Dentacle
Monsters (West Side)
Roper, Dentacle
Monster Materials
Ocean Rock, Iron Ore Rock, Mineral Deposit, Wooden Box 3

Map Elements: Fire



Map of Cape Southerin

Revival NPC ~ Establish a revival point.
Guild Merchant ~ Buy items or use the bank.
Scorching Sun Model
Iron City Guard
Iron City Guard

Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal an item.
Appraiser ~ Appraise items.
South Weapons Shop ~ Buy weapons.
North Weapons Shop ~ Buy armor.
Dye Lady ~ Ask to dye Wizard Hats.
Rural Pet Doctor ~ Heal one pet once per day.
Shady Merchant ~ Buy a United Iron South Pass.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Nut Bread.png Nut Bread 15G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 60G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 10G
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Weak Cartridges.png Weak Cartridges 3G
Cartridges.png Cartridges 5G
Knee-length Youngster Pants (Denim).png Knee-length Youngster Pants (Denim) 1250G
Knee-length Youngster Pants (Brown).png Knee-length Youngster Pants (Brown) 1250G
Canvas Shoes.png Canvas Shoes 2300G
Canvas Shoes (Gray).png Canvas Shoes (Gray) 2300G
Work Shoes.png Work Shoes 1200G

South Weapons Shop

Sword Breaker.png Sword Breaker 9500G
Long Sword.png Long Sword 12300G
Katar.png Katar 24000G
Katana.png Katana 36000G
Foil.png Foil 12000G
Battle Axe.png Battle Axe 12000G
Sword Spear.png Sword Spear 10800G
Mace.png Mace 7850G
Morning Star.png Morning Star 16000G
Official Bow.png Official Bow 3750G
Fine Bow.png Fine Bow 8000G
Crossbow.png Crossbow 14000G

South Armor Shop

Circler.png Circler 9000G
Targe Shield.png Targe Shield 15000G
Leather Helmet.png Leather Helmet 6000G
Titania Leather Armor.png Titania Leather Armor 2500G
Dark Leather Armor.png Dark Leather Armor 3000G
Archer Armor.png Archer Armor 2200G
Red Archer Armor.png Red Archer Armor 2200G
Black Archer Armor.png Black Archer Armor 2200G
Long Boots.png Long Boots 2200G
Long Boots (Black).png Long Boots (Black) 2200G
Overshoes.png Overshoes 4200G
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 12000G

Shady Merchant

Iron South Passport Permit.png United Iron South Pass 5000G

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