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Marionettes are substitute bodies for players as well as faithful guardians. The marionette system enables players to instill the soul of their game character into some toy-like Marionette, and with that transference the game character will become a Marionette. Once a player character becomes a Marionette, they are able to use the special skills of that particular Marionette as well as receive the attributes bonuses for that Marionette.

Marionettes can be obtained through accomplishment of certain quests. Each kind of Marionette possesses unique characteristics which distinguish them from other Marionettes.

You may not possess someone during Marionette transformation, be possessed by someone during Marionette transformation, nor transform into a Marionette while being possessed or possessing someone.


Characteristics of Marionettes

Exclusive Skills

Each kind of marionette possesses its very own unique skills.

When game character becomes a marionette, it will be able to apply the exclusive skills possessed by the marionette regardless of race and job.

Special Abilities

Once your game character is instilled onto the marionette, all attributes of the marionette will be upgraded as well as the attack power. In addition, game character will gain the endurance of the corresponding attributes from the marionette itself.


Also, Super Marionettes may be purchased from Japan's ECO Shop (Item Mall).

Obtaining a Marionette

First Free Marionette

At a base level of 8 speak to Elina in uptown Acropolis City. She will teach you about marionettes and give you your first marionette. You may choose between Salamander, Insmouse, Mandragora and Electell. You may only get one free marionette from Elina per account.

You can also go to Tiny Island and speak to one of the marionettes. They will let you transform for free to try out the different marionettes.


A Marionettist can create certain marionettes and golems using Marionette Construction synthesis.

Other marionettes require quests, conditions, or events to be obtained.


Turning a marionette into a golem will allow it to perform actions while you are logged out. It can collect items, buy items, and operate a shop for up to 24 hours. A golem cannot be used as a normal marionette.

How to make a golem

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