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The Heaven's Tower Dungeon, also called the Elevator Room, is located in Heaven's Tower Island. A key is required to enter the dungeon. The Heaven's Tower Dungeon leads to Heaven's Tower Island (Titania) in the Titania World and Heaven's Tower Island (Dominion) in the Dominion World. A key is not required to return to Sky Tower (Emil).


Heaven's Tower Dungeon, otherwise the Elevator Room, is actually round.

Control Panel ~ Leave to Heaven's Tower Island (Titania) or Heaven's Tower Island (Dominion). Walking to the portal has the same effect.

Entering Heaven's Tower Dungeon

The Key which unlocks the Elevator Room is dropped by Partisan. A series of quests must be completed in order to obtain the chance to fight Partisan.

  1. Go to Mai Mai Island and speak with either the research leader of the faction you belong to or the Beach-gazing Commando if you are factionless.
  2. Take the Four Gate Quests. Quest 1 has more job experience reward, while Quest 2 has more base experience reward, but both types are otherwise the same. Access the ruins for the gate quests by going to the portals in Mai Mai Ruins 1st Deck, but be sure to enter the same portal as your party members, or you may be split up.
  3. Speak to the four Machinery Representatives in Mai Mai Ruins 1st Deck after completing the Four Gate Quests. They will give you colored cards.
  4. After getting all four colored cards, go to the center portal. You will now have access to the map for the Partisan quest.
  5. Take the Into the Ruins quest, which has the goal of defeating Partisan. Enter the Mai Mai Ruins 1st Deck and walk back into the central portal. Choose to enter the ruins. Note: The ruins in the Partisan Quest are layered, so you will go through several floors before finding Partisan. The ruins branch often, so to save time, it would be a good idea to bring several out-of-party druids or gamblers who have Random Heal, or to have healing items, and split the party up to travel the different branches. People who have not completed the Four Gate Quests must possess someone who has and enter that way.
  6. If Partisan drops a Sky Tower Key, head to the Heaven's Tower Island (Sky Tower). It is highly recommended to bring not only a full party, but as many people as possible in order to kill the Inferior Dragons and the Titania Dragon. Note: Only people in the party of the keyholder can enter the Elevator Room. However, since characters can leave the party after entering, it is possible to bring many people inside if characters leave the party after entering. Characters do not have to be in a party to gain access to Titania and Dominion World after entering the dungeon.
  7. Once inside the dungeon, kill the Inferior Dragons until one of them drops a Horn Flute. Use this to summon the Titania Dragon, which will flee after losing some HP. Kill more Inferior Dragons and use the Horn Flutes to resummon it, until the Titania Dragon is defeated.
  8. IMPORTANT: As soon as the Titania Dragon is defeated, characters must leave the dungeon through a portal near the Control Panel within one minute. Players who do not exit in time will be taken back to Sky Tower (Emil) and will have to redo the Titania Dragon fight. Players who are successful in escaping will be teleported to Heaven's Tower Island (Titania), where they will have to go through some events to go back to the Emil World with new access to both the Titania and Dominion worlds.
  9. Note: If a player does not escape in time, he/she will be able to enter Sky Tower and go to the Dominion World. However, the player will be unable to enter the Titania World until fighting the Titania Dragon in the instance dungeon and escaping through the portal.
Inferior Dragon, Titania Dragon

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