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There are 6 Cities in Acronia. With the notable exceptions of Acropolis City and Tonka Island, each is the capital of its regions controlling Faction.


Emil World

Acropolis City

Acropolis Uptown.png Acropolis downtown.png
Acropolis City Uptown Acropolis City Downtown

Acropolis City is at the geographic center of the continent. It is also the economic center of the continent, unclaimed by any of the Factions and neutral in their disputes, Acropolis is the most influential city.

Fareast City

Fareast City.png

Fareast City is the capital of the Republic of Fareast and home to the Indomitable East - Green Faction.

Monster Materials
Weed, Orchard Wood

Iron City

Iron City Uptown.png Iron City Downtown.png

Iron City is the capital of the United Ironsmith Republic, home to the Mighty South - Red Faction, and is found in the southern regions of Acronia. Iron City is divided into uptown and downtown.

Morg City

Morg City.png

Morg City is the capital of the Land Of Morg and home to the Proud West - Yellow Faction.

Monster Materials
Morg Charcoal

Northern Promenade

Northern Promenade.png

Northern Promenade is the capital of the Northern Kingdom and home to the Noble North - Blue Faction.

Tonka Island

Tonka Island.png

Tonka Island is an island in the southeast region of Acronia that may be reached using an Airship.

Titania World

ECO Town

ECO Town.png

Dominion World

West Fort

West Fort.png

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