Staff Desert

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Staff Desert is west of Lake Utena Estuary and north of Cape Southerin. The entrance to the Infinite Corridor dungeon may be found on the west side of the map. The Fire Spirit resides in the northwest part of the desert.

Amber Jelly, Sand Crawler, Crimson Bawoo, Roper, Crimson Chief, Crystal, King Roper, Dentacle
Monster Materials
Fire Flower, Ocean Rock, Iron Ore, Mineral Deposit, Fire Crystal, Wooden Box 2

Map Elements: Fire


Map of Staff Desert

Infinite Corridor

Fire Spirit ~ Arrows and Fire Summoning Rocks will awaken the spirit.
D Master ~ Receive an Infinite Corridor quest.
Hallway Cleaner ~ Ask to go to the training hallway.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price


Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Scout Claw.png Scout Claw 20000G
Kunai.png Kunai 15G
Kukuri.png Kukuri 18000G
War Spear.png War Spear 19000G
Heavy Mace.png Heavy Mace 20000G
Battle Bow.png Battle Bow 19000G
Sword Breaker.png Sword Breaker 30000G
Steel Sword Breaker.png Steel Sword Breaker 35000G
Magic Sword Breaker.png Magic Sword Breaker 35000G
Overshoes (Purple).png Overshoes (Purple) 4200G
Overshoes (Blue).png Overshoes (Blue) 4200G

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