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The East Cape is a coast right next to Fareast City. There is a small village on the eastern edge of map. Those that are not members of the Republic of Fareast Faction need to present a pass to the guards to gain entrance into the city. The Earth Spirit rests on the west part of the map.

Milk Pitcher, ChockKo, Green Pururu, Salad Urchin, Cockatrice
Monster Materials
Earth Flower, Herb, Cotton, Giant Barley, Tree, Wood Tree, Eastern Fruit Tree, Fallen Tree, Earth Crystal, Wooden Box 2

Map Elements: Earth



Map of East Cape

Revival NPC ~ Establish a revival point.
Guild Merchant ~ Buy items or use the bank.
Mister Ricky
Ricky's Model
East Cape Guard

Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal an item.
Appraiser ~ Appraise items.
East Cape Grocery Store ~ Buy food.
Dye Lady ~ Ask to dye Watches.
Earth Spirit ~ Arrows and Earth Summoning Rocks will summon the Earth Spirit.
Gabriel the Boy
Mama ~ Buy pet items. Chitin will expand the inventory.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Stone Axe.png Stone Axe 2530G
Stone Spear.png Stone Spear 2400G
Razor Shield.png Razor Shield 1300G
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat 600G
Field Cap.png Field Cap 670G
Field Jacket (M) (Khaki).png Field Jacket (M) (Khaki) 1100G
Leather Dress (F) (Denim).png Leather Dress (F) (Denim) 1260G
Overalls.png Overalls 2200G
Overalls (White).png Overalls (White) 2200G
Shorts (Kids).png Shorts (Kids) 1000G
Leather Shoes.png Leather Shoes 800G
Leather Sandals.png Leather Sandals 660G

East Cape Grocery Store

Apple.png Apple 60G
Blueberry Juice.png Blueberry Juice 260G
Chocolate.png Chocolate 650G
Rock Candy.png Rock Candy 50G
Rock Salt.png Rock Salt 80G
Giant Barley.png Giant Barley 100G
Egg.png Egg 100G
Lettuce.png Lettuce 200G
Spices.png Spices 200G

Mama (Shop #1)

Doggy Collar.png Doggy Collar 55000G
Black Leather Collar.png Black Leather Collar 78000G
Pet Food.png Pet Food 150G
Plant Nutrients.png Plant Nutrients 150G
Strength Veggie Stick.png Strength Veggie Stick 3000G
Defense Veggie Stick.png Defense Veggie Stick 3000G
Magic Veggie Stick.png Magic Veggie Stick 3000G
Magic Defense Veggie Stick.png Magic Defense Veggie Stick 3000G
Critical Veggie Stick.png Critical Veggie Stick 3000G
Recovery Veggie Stick.png Recovery Veggie Stick 3000G
Pet Guard.png Pet Guard 10000G

Mama (Shop #2)

Sundried Frog.png Sundried Frog 300G
Cuckoo.png Cuckoo 36000G
Catnip.png Catnip 10000G

Mama (Pet Furniture)

Catty Bed (Apple).png Catty Bed (Apple) 13000G
Catty Bed (Green).png Catty Bed (Green) 13000G
Catty Bed (Indigo).png Catty Bed (Indigo) 13000G
Catty Bed (Lemon).png Catty Bed (Lemon) 13000G
Catty Bed (Grape).png Catty Bed (Grape) 13000G
Catty Bed (Akane).png Catty Bed (Akane) 13000G
Catty Bed (Apricot).png Catty Bed (Apricot) 13000G
Catty Bed (Sky).png Catty Bed (Sky) 13000G
Catty Bed (Walnut and Herb).png Catty Bed (Walnut and Herb) 13000G

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