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Items refer to anything that can be carried in inventory. Items can be purchased from NPCs, dropped by monsters, rewarded for completing quests, or created by players using synthesis.


Item types

There are several broad classifications of items.

Any item that can be worn by a player, such as weapons and armor is called equipment.
Items whose sole purpose is to be used as fuel for weapons, such as arrows are categorized ad ammunition (ammo).
Recovery Items
Any item that can be used by a player, such as foods and potions is considered a consumable item. Once it is used the item will disappear.
Repair Kits
Repair Kits are a type of items that players can craft to repair their equipments by increasing the durability of the equipment but decreases its max durability by 1.
Catalyst items
An item which is only used for skills, either play or NPC, is a catalyst item.
Synthesis items
Items that can only be used to create other items are synthesis items.
Passes are items that are required for entrance into restricted areas or faction territory.
Other items
There are numerous items that don't fit into any of the other categories, such as faction passes. These are simply categorized as miscellaneous.

Item characteristics

  • All items can be picked up and stored in inventory.
  • Most items can be stored at a Guild Merchant or traded with other players.
  • All items have an associated weight and content values. These limit how much a character can carry based on that characters payload and capacity attributes.

Special items

Some items are extremely rare or are only given out at special events.

Cash shop items
Cash shop items are items that can only be acquired by purchasing them from the item shop using real world money.
Event items
Event items are rewards for players participating or winning an event. Event items cannot be stored or traded.


Combine an Items

Item enhancement

Main Article Item enhancement

Item Enhancement can be used to increase the power of a piece of equipment. Enhanced weapons and armor will have extra bonuses to the attributes those items provide. The degree of the enhancement bonus is based on the number of times an item has been enhanced.

Item fusion

Main Article Item fusion

Item Fusion allows players to combine the looks of one piece of equipment with the stats and effectiveness of another. Once a pair of items has been fused they will become one item that bears the icon of the "ability" item with a small gold star in the bottom left.

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