Northern Dungeon

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Map of Northern Dungeon

The Northern Dungeon is located in North Mountain.

Frozen Merchant
Monsters (Northeast and Southwest)
Familiar, Minidoo, Dark Feather, Skeleton Archer, Ogre, Reaping Armor
Monsters (Northwest and Southeast)
Arcana Diamond, Arcana Heart, Arcana Spade, Arcana Jack, Arcana Queen, Gauze, Arcana King (Boss, Gauze Minions)
Monster Materials
Treasure Chest 4, Container 2

Map Elements: Water

Map Special Effects (Sub-zero Temperature): Freezing causes HP to be reduced by 3 every second.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Toasty Rock Seller

Give a Valeria Soup in order to purchase from the shop. Bring a Pea to Valeria in Valeria's Cafe in Northern Promenade to buy the Valeria Soup for 500G.

Sandals.png Sandals 210G
Insmouse Cloth.png Insmouse Cloth 10000G
Apprentice Magician's Tome.png Apprentice Magician's Tome 49000G
Opal Rod.png Opal Rod 45600G
Sandals (White).png Sandals (White) 3200G
Loafers (Pink).png Loafers (Pink) 3200G
Loafers (Light Brown).png Loafers (Light Brown) 3200G
Loafers (Dark Red).png Loafers (Dark Red) 3200G

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