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Tonka Island is an island in the southeast region of Acronia. In the northwest part of the island there are large Airships.

  • Ways to get to Tonka Island:
  • Present a Tonka Island Pass to the NPC at the airport in Southern Dungeon.
    • Fighters may by a Tonka Island Pass from Guild Palace for 500G.
    • From the upper floor of the Iron South Air Force Headquarters.
    • Do Mr. Specialist's quests in Downtown Acropolis City and buy the pass for 1000G (the quests require you to be factionless).
    • Trader's Connections get a free pass.
  • At Malkuth Docks in Southern Dungeon, pay 100G if certain requirements are met.
    • Equipping a dog-type pet will allow for a free pass.
    • Trader's Connections get a free pass.
  • Fly to Tonka from Mai Mai Island for 200G.
    • Trader's Connections get a free pass.
  • Direct flight from Acropolis City for 1000G (Airship Required).
    • Trader's Connections get a free pass.



Map of Tonka Island

Revival NPC ~ Establish a save point.
Guide Machine ~ Ask for directions on Tonka Island.
Guild Merchant ~ Items are sold here and the bank may be found.
Guild Harrow.
Giant Defense Robot

Dolls Army
Marionette Headquarters
Marionette Labs
Engineer Headquarters
Tonka Government Office
Junk Shop
Weapons Shop
Jewelry Shop
Hidden Shop

Iron City Bound ~ Fly to Iron City.
Acropolis Bound ~ Fly to Acropolis City.
Mai Mai Island Bound ~ Fly to Mai Mai Island.
Carpenter ~ Ask for furnishings and Airship parts.
Pino Dolls
Hallelujah Dolls
Marionette Researcher
Marionette Researcher
Stream Mercenary
Pet Doctor ~ Heal one pet once per day.
Mean Boys
Pino's Travels
Daydreaming Worker
Self-proclaimed Engineer Genius
Camillo ~ Request bipedal robot painting.
Electell Maid
Rydia's Helper
New Veril
Rita's Helper
Airship Boys

Hallelujah Helper
Master Serena ~ Tonka Airship registration and creation.
Master Dia
Hallelujah Helper
Master Will
Hallelujah Helper
Hallelujah Helper ~ Buy Airship materials.

Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal items.
Appraiser ~ Appraise items.
Grocery Store ~ Buy food.
Drugstore ~ Buy recovery items.
Old Storyteller Lady
Pino Loving Children
Tonka Mother
Miss Shiela's Restaurant
Scamming Blackmarketeer
Dye Lady ~ Dyes for Dragon Fly Orbs.
Gossiping Housewife
Old Man Hugo With the Injured Back
Gentle Homura
Tracy Bound for Morg
Miranda the Flower Girl

Soldier Dolls
Hallelujah Dolls
Pino Dolls
Marionette Official or Emil(Event)
Marionette Researcher
Engineer Official ~ Buy bipedal robots.
Subordinate #1
Subordinate #2
Tonka Mayor ~ Register and airship for 50000G.
Tonka Child
Tatarabe Master Agent
Farmer Master Agent
Merchant Master Agent
Ranger Master Agent
Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal items.
Item Appraiser ~ Appraise items.
Cafe Master ~ Receive a quest.
Junk Shop ~ Buy or synthesize items.
Weapons Shop ~ Buy weapons.
Seamstress ~ Buy tailoring tools or services.
Jewelry Shop ~ Buy or process jewelry.
Weapons Specialist ~ Buy ammunitions here.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Healing Potion.png Heal Potion 300G
High Grade Healing Potion.png High Heal Potion 2,940G
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion 900G
Stamina Potion.png Stamina Potion 900G
Space-time Key.png Space-time Key 500G
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Weak Cartridges.png Weak Cartridges 3G
Cartridges.png Cartridges 5G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 10G
Trap Tool.png Trap Tool 150G

Cafe Master

Nut Bread.png Breadfruit Nut 15G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G
Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 120G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 60G
Sandwich.png Sandwich 700G
Fruit Juice.png Fruit Juice 350G
High Class Fruit Juice.png Organic Fruit Juice 700G
Insect Feed.png Insect Feed 30G
Bird Feed.png Bird Feed 30G
Fish Feed.png Fish Feed 30G
Animal Feed.png Animal Feed 30G

Junk Shop

Copper Hammer.png Copper Hammer 2,200G
Silver Hammer.png Silver Hammer 5,000G
Copper Needle.png Copper Needle 1,300G
Silver Needle.png Silver Needle 6,500G
Copper Chisel.png Copper Scalper 2,100G
Silver Chisel.png Silver Scalper 6,000G
Copper Scissors.png Copper Scissors 1,000G
Silver Scissors.png Silver Scissors 5,600G

Weapons Shop

Cutlass.png Cutlass 57,000G
Hard Shield.png Hard Shield 25,000G
Blue Card.png Pururu Card 3G
Urchin Card.png Urchin Card 5G
Angel Card.png Angel Card 10G
Golden Card.png Death Card 15G
Rainbow Card.png Rainbow Card 20G
Kunai.png Kunai 15G
Chakram.png Chakram 30G
Shuriken.png Shuriken 45G
Electric Chakram.png Electric Chakram 50G

Seamstress (Sewing Tools)

Sewing Needle.png Sewing Needle 1,000G
Sewing Kit.png Sewing Kit 4,800G
Yarn.png Yarn 750G
Cloth.png Cloth 300G

Seamstress (Clothes)

Academy Tunic (M).png Academy Tunic (M) 55,000G
Academy Dress (M).png Academy Dress (M) 55,000G
Academy Pants (M).png Academy Pants (M) 15,000G
Academy Shoes (M).png Academy Shoes (M) 30,000G
Academy Boots (F).png Academy Boots (F) 30,000G
Academy Hat (Blue).png Academy Hat (Blue) 13,500G
Academy Hat (Pink).png Academy Hat (Pink) 13,500G

Jewelry Shop

Copper Pliers.png Copper Pliers 5,000G
Silver Pliers.png Silver Pliers 10,000G
Golden Pliers.png Golden Pliers 30,000G
Angel Brooch.png Angel Brooch 8,500G
Crystal Pendant.png Crystal Pendant 9,800G
Decorative Beads.png Decorative Beads 650G
Heart.png Heart 2,100G
Bluestone Pendant.png Bluestone Pendant 8,000G
Bloody Pendant.png Bloody Pendant 4,100G
Zirconia Pendant.png Zirconia Pendant 5,000G
Dragonfly Orbs.png Dragonfly Orbs 980G
Leather Baretta (Polkadot).png Leather Baretta (Polkadot) 2,500G

Weapons Specialist

ECO Bullets.png ECO Bullets 1G
Weak Cartridges.png Weak Cartridges 3G
Cartridges.png Cartridges 5G
Time Bomb.png Time Bomb 1,000G
Hand Grenade.png Hand Grenade 500G
Pistol.png Pistol 29,000G
Firelock.gif Firelock 29,800G
Screwdriver.png Screwdriver 500G
Missile.png Missile 1,000G


Classic Wallpaper.png Classic Wallpaper 10,000G
Classic Mat.png Classic Mat 10,000G
Stylish Table.png Stylish Table 5,000G
Stylish Chair.png Stylish Chair 5,000G
Small Carpet.png Small Carpet 5,000G
Bed.png Bed 5,000G
Wooden Board Fence.png Wooden Board Fence 5,000G
Lumber.png Lumber 800G

Carpenter (Morg Charcoal)

Morg Charcoal.png Morg Charcoal 1,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Sunday)

Crate.png Crate 10,000G
Wheelbarrow.png Wheelbarrow 10,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Monday)

Train Track.png Train Track 150,000G
Mandragora Statue.png Mandragora Statue 8,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Tuesday)

Warning Sign.png Warning Sign 10,000G
Insmouse Statue.png Insmouse Statue 8,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Wednesday)

Trolley.png Trolley 30,000G
Electell Statue.png Electell Statue 8,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Thursday)

Large Container.png Large Container 10,000G
Salamander Statue.png Salamander Statue 8,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Friday)

Construction Log.png Construction Log 30,000G
Small Carpet (Ridge Flower).png Small Carpet (Ridge Flower) 5,000G

Hallelujah Helper (Saturday)

Cogs.png Cogs 5,000G
Wooden Board Fence (Blue).png Wooden Board Fence (Blue) 5,000G

Grocery Store

Nut Bread.png Breadfruit Nut 22G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 60G
Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 180G
Tonic Water.png Tonic Water 90G
Sugar.png Sugar 150G
Salt.png Salt 150G
Giant Wheat Flour.png Giant Wheat Flour 375G
Egg.png Egg 150G
Vegetable.png Vegetable 45G


High Grade Healing Potion.png High Heal Potion 980G
Magic Potion.png Magic Potion 300G
Cure-all.png Multi Condition Drink 3,000G
Ink Set.png Ink Set 1,000G
Ether Potion.png Ether 500G
Resurrection Potion.png Resurrection Potion 5,000G
Fire Cologne.png Flame Perfume 3,000G
Water Cologne.png Water Perfume 3,000G
Wind Cologne.png Wind Perfume 3,000G
Earth Cologne.png Earth Perfume 3,000G
Wild Staff.png Wild Staff 650G
Wood Staff.png Wooden Staff 3,200G

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