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Factions are NPC operated countries. They are part of the PvP system and the faction armory offers players access to items that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get.

Be aware, joining a faction is a permanent choice. Once a player joins a faction they cannot change to another faction.

The Knightage

The Acronia Knightage is a United Army comprising forces from four different city-states in Acronia. The knightage was established to protect the peace in Acropolis City. They guard each of Acropolis's bridges as well as their own lands and cities.

There are four faction available:

  • The Noble North - Blue
  • The Indomitable East - Green
  • The Mighty South - Red
  • The Proud West - Yellow

Joining a faction

You can join one of the factions as soon as you complete any quest. Simply walk into the faction's office of your choice and speak with the commander. Faction offices are located at each bridge on each side, just before you enter Acropolis.


When you join a Faction you will become a citizen of their city, which means you can go through their border without a pass.

North Knightage Faction - Northern Kingdom
East Knightage Faction - Republic of Fareast
South Knightage Faction - United Ironsmith Republic
West Knightage Faction - Land Of Morg

You also receive a quest when you speak to the Secretary's Office Guard.

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