Momo Plains

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Momo Plains is west of Fareast City and east of East Cape. There is a pet house on the northeast hill.

ECO Pig, Fly Fish, Fluff Worm, CockKo Baby, Wild Boar, Young CockKo, Fluff Worm, Vega, Banshee, Heavenly Vega, MoMo, Reckless Gecko
Monster Materials
Flower, Light Flower, Earth Flower, Tree, Eastern Fruit Tree, Light Crystal, Earth Crystal, Wooden Box 7

Map Elements: Earth


Map of Momo Plains

Green Defense Soldier
Green Defense Bawoo

Miss Fareast
Mister Fareast
Old Grocery Store Lady ~ Buy food.
Warm Sunny Day Inn Shopkeeper ~ 180G for lodgings.
Black Gourmand
Breeder Guy ~ Recover pets and buy nameaplates.
Land Crawler
Mogu Mogu
Old Neighborhood Lady
Construction Worker
Construction Worker
Construction Worker

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Old Grocery Store Lady

Mineral Water.png Mineral Water 108G
Nut Bread.png Nut Bread 13G
Apple.png Apple 54G
Apricot.png Apricot 54G
Orange.png Orange 54G
Cherry.png Cherry 54G
Potato.png Potato 153G
Egg.png Egg 90G
Lettuce.png Lettuce 180G
Sugar.png Sugar 90G
Salt.png Salt 90G
Giant Wheat Flour.png Giant Wheat Flour 225G

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