Cape Northerin

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The Cape Northerin is North of Acropolis City and on the way to Northern Promenade and the magical kingdom. There is a small village on the northern edge of the map. The southwest region of the map contains the most Polar Bears. Only those with a pass or in the Northern Kingdom Faction may continue northward.

Kool, Caviar Urchin, Crash Ice, White Fang, Polar Bear, Snow Crystal, King Polar Bear
Monster Materials
Herb, Crystalloid, Wooden Box 2

Map Elements: Water



Map of Cape Northerin

Revival NPC ~ Establish a save point.
Guild Merchant ~Buy items or use the bank.
Northern Security Guard
Northern Security Guard (North Side) ~ You may trade 10 Copper Medals for a Silver Medal.

Item Exorcist ~ Synthesize or unseal items.
Item Appraiser ~ Appraise items.
Rural Pet Doctor ~ Heal one pet once per day.
Shady Merchant ~ Buy a Northern Kingdom Pass
Craftsman ~ Ask for furnishings or Airship materials.

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Guild Merchant

Nut Bread.png Nut Bread 15G
Magic Candy.png Magic Candy 40G
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Rod.png Rod 4900G
Scepter.png Scepter 7200G
Magician Hat.png Magician Hat 1200G
Knitted Cap.png Knitted Cap 7200G
Plain Robe (M).png Plain Robe (M) 2300G
Witch Clothing (F).png Witch Clothing (F) 2150G
Short Robe.png Short Robe 3750G
Warm Robe.png Warm Robe 5400G
Knitted Tights.png Knitted Tights 450G

Shady Merchant

Northern Passport Permit.png Northern Kingdom Pass 5000G


Cool Wallpaper.png Cool Wallpaper 10000G
Cool Mat.png Cool Mat 10000G
Stylish Table.png Stylish Table 5000G
Stylish Chair.png Stylish Chair 5000G
Small Carpet.png Small Carpet 5000G
Bed.png Bed 5000G
Wooden Board Fence.png Wooden Board Fence 5000G
Lumber.png Lumber 800G


Morg Charcoal.png Morg Charcoal 1000G

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