Island of the Undead

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Island of the Undead is west of Killer Bee Hill. The map consists of the Island of the Undead and the coast on the opposite side. With the exception of Warlocks, players must present an Undead Crest in order to cross the channel to the Island of the Undead. The Dark Spirit resides in the eastern portion of Island of the Undead.

Killer Bee, Bawoo, Yellow Pururu, Wasp, Queen Bee
Monsters (Below Cliffs)
Bear, Cave Bear, Killer Beast
Monsters (Island)
Mummy, Living Dead, Skeleton, Poisonous Lizard, Death
Monster Materials (Coast)
Herb, Rock, Mineral Deposit, Wooden Box 2
Monster Materials (Island)
Dark Flower, Dark Crystal, Wooden Box 2

Map Elements (Coast): Wind
Map Elements (Island): Dark


Map of Island of the Undead

Dark Spirit ~ Arrows and Dark Summoning Rocks will awaken the Dark Spirit.
Guillermo ~ Present an Crest Paper to go to Island of the Undead.

For the Warlock job change quest, you can go to Island of the Undead without an Undead Crest, and be able to talk with the Dark Spirit without a Dark Stone.

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