North Mountain

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The North Mountain is north of North Plateau and east of Eternal North Boundary. The entrance to Northern Promenade is in the center of the map. The entrance to the Northern Dungeon are in the mountains in the northeast.

Caviar Urchin, Angel Feather, Willydoo, Cyclops
Monsters (North)
Mini Demon, Proon, Dark Feather, Skeleton Archer, Thunderbird
Monsters (South)
Mage Pururu, White Fang, Pefang
Monsters (Southeast)
Giga Polar
Monster Materials
Wooden Box 4, Treasure Chest 4

Map Special Effects (Freezing): Frostbite causes HP to be slightly reduced every 1 to 3 seconds.

Map Elements: Water
Map Elements (Near North Promenade Entrance): Light
Map Elements (Near North Dungeon Entrance): Dark


Map of North Mountain

Northern Dungeon

Northern Promenade

Igloo General Store
Ether Merchant

Shop Information

Icon Name Price

Igloo General Store

Healing Potion.png Healing Potion 300G
Classical Robe (M) (Navy Blue).png Classical Robe (M) (Navy Blue) 38000G
Classical Robe (M) (Crimson).png Classical Robe (M) (Crimson) 38000G
Classical Robe (F) (Navy Blue).png Classical Robe (F) (Navy Blue) 40000G
Classical Robe (F) (Crimson).png Classical Robe (F) (Crimson) 40000G
Ghost Hat.png Ghost Hat 23000G
Spirit Hat.png Spirit Hat 23000G

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