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Picture of a Guild Merchant.

A Guild Merchant is an NPC found all over Acronia. Guild merchants are used for banking and item storage as well as a vendor where players can buy and sell their items.

Banking Services

The guild merchant is the Emil Chronicle Online equivalent of a banker. You can store items and gold in a safe place that doesn't take any of your inventory space. The storage services are account-wide, so any characters on your account will have access to all items and gold stored at a guild merchant.

Items are stored at a merchant's location. So if you deposit an item in Acropolis City and want to retrieve it in Fareast City you will have to ask the guild merchant to have the item transferred to his location. This process costs a small amount of gold.

Some items, such as event items, cannot be stored at a guild merchant. This effectively binds these items to a particular character since there is no way to transfer them.


Items for sale (Around Acropolis City)

Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1G
Throwing Dagger.png Throwing Dagger 10G
Club.png Club 300G
Pouch.png Pouch 1500G
Wood Shield.png Wood Shield 950G
Cap.png Cap 850G
Field Jacket (M).png Field Jacket (M) 1100G
Leather Dress (F).png Leather Dress (F) 1260G
Women's Work Pants (Beige).png Beige Balloon Capri Pants 1250G
Shorts (Denim).png Denim Shorts 1000G
Shoes.png Shoes 1000G
Rucksack.png Rucksack 11000G
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