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An Airship is a floating vehicle that is used for air travel, residence, and storage.



  1. A mode of transportation between islands that is operated by higher authorities.
  2. Civilians can only use airships as a platform to build their home.
  3. In the future, civilians can also travel via their own airship.


Your airship can be set to be either private, or allow other people (through a set of filter settings) on as well. Some of these filter settings include party members and ring members.

Have a ton of that Japanese Cypress Timber or Harder Timber? Don't know what to do with it? Fear not, because some of the furniture for airships is made with those materials!

How to get an Airship

Obtaining Parts

Parts are given away weekly to players over level 30 at Iron City, with the exception of the Revolving Sails.

The Revolving Sail Set may be obtained from a Container 1, located in either Glacial Tunnel 3F or Continental Cave 5F.

Note: Parts are currently being given away daily, as opposed to waiting a week per part. The parts cycle daily, and a different part is given each day. --(by Websnake)

Making the Revolving Air Ship Sail and Its Constituent Elements

Item Ingredients Cost [G] Success
Tool 1 2 3 4
Revolving Sail of Air Ship.gif

Revolving Sail of Air Ship x1

Item Refining Lv3 Log.gif

Log x1

Waterproof Cloth.gif

Waterproof Cloth x5


Timber x5

Durable Braid.gif

Durable Braid x5

1000 90% -
Durable Braid.gif

Durable Braid x1

Tailoring Lv2 Durable Thread.gif

Durable Thread x4

0 99% -
Durable Thread.gif

Durable Thread x1

Tailoring Lv2 Thread.gif

Thread x1


Paraffin x1

1000 99% -
Waterproof Cloth.gif

Waterproof Cloth x1

Tailoring Lv4 Noblest Fabric.gif

Noblest Fabric x1


Paraffin x4

4000 99% -
Noblest Fabric.gif

Noblest Fabric x1

Tailoring Lv3 Needle.gif


Durable Thread.gif

Durable Thread x1

Noble Fabric.gif

Noble Fabric x2

0 99% -
Noble Fabric.gif

Noble Fabric x1

Tailoring Lv2 Needle.gif



Thread x1


Cloth x2

0 99% -



In total to make 6 Revolving Sails, not including fails, you would need:

You may also cut out a lot of Paraffin and Thread requirement by purchasing Durable Thread from the npc that sells it, though this is rather costly (upwards of 100k+), but it'll bring your Paraffin requirement down considerably if you can afford it.

NOTE: In order to make all the fabrics, if you go to the Seamstress and make them all at once you only require 1 needle.

Needles for making Noble fabric are obtained from refining Poisonous honey bee stings.

Needles for making Noblest fabric are bought from Seamstress.

Managing an Airship


You may equip your Airship with Furniture, Pets, or Statues for 100G each. Double click something to equip it onto your Airship.

The main parts of the Airship are:

  • House
  • Wall
  • Roof
  • Garden
  • Room Wall
  • Room Floor
  • Base
  • Sail

Airship Locations

Typically found in airports or tied near traveling NPC merchant such as one on Tiny Island.


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  • House List - Chinese website with list of different theme houses, furniture, etc.
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