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Synthesis is a feature where players can refine or combine items to create new items. Synthesis can be done with certain Jobs skills or with the help of certain NPCs. However there are certain items that can be synthesized by players with the recipe book only. The recipe book can be bought from Sage Master at Uptown.

Synthesis Type

Item Refining
Requires the Item Refining skill or Item refiner NPC.
Advanced Metal Refining
Requires the Advanced Metal Refining skill.
Requires the Cooking skill or a Grocery Shop NPC.
Chemical Preparation
Requires the Chemical Preparation skill or an Item Refiner NPC.
Requires the Woodworking skill or an Item Refiner NPC.
Weapon Construction Synthesis
Requires the Weapon Construction skill or Weaponsmith NPC.
Armor Construction Synthesis
Requires the Armor Construction skill.
Requires the Tailoring skill or Tailor NPC at Uptown.
Accessory Craft
Requires the Accessory Crafting skill or a Jewelery Shop NPC.
Staff Crafting Synthesis
Requires the Staff Construction skill or Weaponsmith NPC.
Bow Construction
Requires the Bow Construction skill.
Throwing Weapon Construction
Requires the Throwing Weapon Construction skill.
Machinery Assembly
Requires the Machinery Assembly skill or a Junk Shop NPC.
Marionette Construction
Requires the Marionette Construction skill or the Guild Palace NPC.
Gardening Craft
Requires the Horticulture skill.
Craft Metal Repair Kit
Requires the Metal Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Garment Repair Kit Craft
Requires the Garment Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Leather Repair Kit Craft
Requires the Leather Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Woodwork Repair Kit Craft
Requires the Woodwork Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Machinery Repair Kit Craft
Requires the Machinery Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Accessory Repair Kit Craft
Requires the Accessory Repair Kit Crafting skill.
Property Scroll Crafting
Requires the Property Scroll Crafting skills.
Juice Making
Requires the Orchard Lady NPC in Fareast City.

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