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Skill Points are used to train skills. It costs 3 skill points to train a new skill and 1 skill point to increase a skill 1 level. So it takes a total of 7 skill points to train any one skill to level 5.

The skill points system effectively limits the number of skills a player can have. Because of the wide variety of skills and limited number of skill points there is no way to train all skills for a job to level 5.


Getting Skill Points

Level Advancement

You get 1 skill point for each job level you gain.

Quest Rewards

Skill Points are rewarded for completing certain quests.

[A total of 21 first-job-only skill points may be earned from NPC quests]

Acropolis, Northern, Fareast, and Iron City quests all go to first job. Even if you are second job they will still go to first job.

Morg and Tonka skill point quests will let you choose whether you want the individual skill points to be added to either First, Expert, or Technical Job. Doing these quests during first job will force the skill points to be first job skill points.

Fareast City

  • "Kill Weeds" quest in Fareast City for Farmer Sam.
  • Deliver a lunchbox from Mother to the waterkeeper, choose a skill point for the reward (choosing a song will still get you the skill point too).
  • Find 7 Piyo Piyo for Charles (barn in the upper left corner). The Piyos will not actually go with you or move from the spot.

Iron City

Northern Promenade

  • Talk to the Queen.
  • Talk to the Sorcerer. You need to possess a Mage in order to enter the Sorcerer's Room if you aren't a Mage.

Morg City

Iron South

Skill Point Quest Guides

"Infinite Corridor" Quest.
Just do the Infinite Corridor Quest receieved from D Master in the Staff Desert, then get a Ring as a reward. After that, give the ring to the Old Man in Acropolis City Uptown. Every first-time quest gives you 1 skill point. There are 8 quests, giving you a total of 8 skill points.
Astrologer Needs Crystal Quest
Meet the Astrologer in Acropolis City Downtown. She will ask for a Crystal with the blessing of a Fairy. Which Fairy to use is up to you. The first time, you get a Space/Time (element) staff. The element in the staff depends on the Fairy. To get the skill point, you must do the quest a second time.
Data delivery Quest
Do the quest twice, as the first time only gets you a Note Book and Mililia to open up Headgear shop. The second time gets you a skill point. This is a 15 minute quest, so it's advised that you have a savepoint in Northern Promenade and a Space-Time key used after you receive the book from the Sage Master.
Before It Melt Quest
Do the "Before it Melts" Quest from the Cafe Employee twice to get the skill point.
Hidden Shop Quest
Do the quests of Sapane, Arus and Solo (They're all in Acropolis City Uptown. At East, West and South). Also do the quest from Tiny at Valeria's Cafe in Northern Promenade. After unlocking all the hidden shops, you get a skill point from the Elegant Lady in Acropolis City Downtown.
Medicine for Mother Quest
Take the quest from the Cafe Employee. Do it twice to get the skill point. You can get the medicine by asking the Magic Shop owner in Northern Promenade. She will ask for some herbs from all 6 elemental flowers. This requires the Farmer's skill Plant Knowledge to get the items. You will get a skill point from Novice Adventurer Porol in Lower Part of Iron City by exchanging the 2 tickets.
Talk with one of the Salamanders at the top of the volcano in the Iron Volcano map.

Skill Points Display

Skill window showing 3 available skill points.

Skill points are shown on the "Skill" page in the form of two little "red balls", one big "red ball", and a number.

Each little red ball means 1 skill point. The big red ball means 3 skill points. The number next to the big red ball represents how many groups of 3 you have.

For each skill point you earn, 1 little red ball will light up. When you have 3 skill points the big red ball will light up.

For example:

  • 4 skill points is 1 little red ball and 1 big red ball.
  • 6 skill points would be 1 big red ball with the number 2.

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