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For a list of skills see: Category:Skills.

A Skill is any special action or spell that you can learn. Every job has different skill sets to choose from.


Job Skills

Skill Points

It costs 3 Skill Points to learn a skill and 1 skill point to increase the level of a skill.

See: Skill Points

Reseting Skills

It is possible to reset your Skill Points and Attributes.

The at Northern Promenade. There's Abbot the NPC for the Sorcerer quest, and Abbot's Disciple who will reset your Skills and Attributes for free.

You need to be a Mage to enter the room, if you're a Fighter or Backpacker you need to possess a Mage in order to enter the room. But remember... you can only reset 1 time per char.

Special Skills

Some skills are available from items or pets.

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