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Joint Jobs

Gardener is a job that specializes in gardening.

See: Mai Mai Island for gardening equipment.

A gardener is able to use specialized skills alongside the use of a flying garden.



How to become a Gardener


Gardener is able to use the following equipment:


Unlike a first or second job, skills require no skill points and are learned automatically by reaching the appropriate Job Level.

Icon Job Level Name Max Level Cost Range Description Type
I Am a Tree.gif 1 I Am a Tree 1 SP 25 1 Transform into a tree to avoid being targeted by monsters. Active
Gathering.gif 5 Gathering 1 Plant up to 8 seeds in the surrounding area. Active
Gardener's Ability.gif 8 Gardener's Ability 1 SP 6 Plant noxious weeds to damage enemies. Active
Generic Skill.gif 10 Additional Morg Charcoal Storage 1 n/a n/a Increases Morg Charcoal storage from 50 to 100. Passive
Selective Breeding.gif 10 Selective Breeding 1 SP 3 3 Plant up to 10 species of plants that can multiply to produce identical plants. Active
Horticulture.gif 15 Horticulture 1 SP 3 1 Grants the possibility of making a garden center. Farmer's Horticulture is unnecessary to learn if it involves a product that does not require Gardener Horticulture. Active
Log House Skill.gif 18 Log Cabin 1 SP 5 3 Create a log cabin using a Log Cabin. Active
Generic Skill.gif 20 Garden Mastery 1 n/a n/a Necessary for creating products exclusively for Gardener Horticulture. Passive
Generic Skill.gif 23 Topiary 1 n/a n/a Allows for the sculpting of trees and shrubs. Passive
Generic Skill.gif 25 Gardening 1 n/a n/a With Selective Breeding and Horticulture, plants growing with Flower Pots and Plant Nutrients may be used to harvest a ripe crop. Passive
Weather Control.gif 28 Weather Control 1 5 Change the weather over the garden to sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. Active
Heavenly Control.gif 29 Heavenly Control 1 5 Change the background over the garden to morning, evening, or night. Active
Furniture Disassembly.gif 30 Furniture Disassembly 1 SP 3 3 Disassemble undesired furniture to retrieve new raw materials. Active

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