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Assassin is a second tier Job, the first advancement for the Scout job.



Assassin Job Change Quest

  1. Go to the Guild Palace 2nd floor in Acropolis City Uptown and talk to the Scout Master. She will tell you to gather four potions around the continent from four different NPCs and gives you the first password to use on a specific one. The first hint is "Sky". Note: If you choose the wrong option at an NPC, you will have to talk to the previous NPC who gave you a hint before choosing another option again.
  2. Talk to the Thief Guild Member at Battleship Island. He will ask you, "By the way, have you ever thought about visiting Morg Land?". Choose the second option: "I want to fly there". The hint he gives you is "Don't think of it as food".
  3. Talk to the Thief Guild Member at Acronia Eastern Beach. He will ask you, "This is completely off-topic, but what do you think about curry?" Choose the third option: "It's a drink!".
  4. Talk to the Shady Merchant at Cape Northerin. He will ask you, "Say~ How have you been lately?" Choose the first option: "I've been alright". The hint he gives you is "How to cool yourself down!"
  5. Take the southeast exit in Iron South Street and you will end up on a plateau where you will talk to Cutesy Python. She will say, "Can someone do something about this heat wave?" Choose the third option: "It depends on what you think about the heat!". Note: Be aware that there are Gigos near Cutesy Python.
  6. Talk to the Scout Guild Master once you have all four potions and choose to become an Assassin and you will be rewarded with the job change.



The assassin is able to use the following equipment:


Coefficient Value
HP 2.45
MP 1.30
SP 1.70


Emil Chronicle Online盜賊(轉至於巴哈)



Icon Job Level Name Max Level Cost Range Description Type
Iron Stomach.gif 1 Iron Stomach 5 n/a n/a Increases the recovery effects of food. Passive
Meditation.gif 1 Meditation 5 SP 11/24/38/53/69 n/a Use SP to recover HP. Active
Generic Skill.gif 3 Claw Mastery 5 n/a n/a Increases Minimum Attack Strength of Claw class weapons. Passive
Create Throwing Weapons.gif 5 Throwing Weapons Construction 5 SP 3/4/5/6/7 3 Create a throwing weapon. Level decreases wastage of materials. Active
Kihop.gif 5 Kihop 6 SP 6 n/a Has a chance of purifying abnormal status, regardless of good or bad status. Active
Generic Skill.gif 8 Triple Claw 10 n/a n/a Provides a chance of doing 3x hit using Claw class weapons. Passive
Generic Skill.gif 10 Increase Throwing Range 5 n/a n/a Increases the range of Throwing Weapons. Passive
Poison Needle Skill.gif 10 Poison Needle 5 SP 4/5/6/7/8 4 Throw a poison needle at an enemy. Requires a Poison Needle. Active
Intoxicative Defense.gif 13 Intoxicative Defense 5 SP 4/5/6/7/8 n/a Use 1 Assassin Potion (Intoxicative Defense) to increase defense at the risk being poisoned. Active
Generic Skill.gif 15 Increase Throwing Accuracy 5 n/a n/a Increases Attack Accuracy Rate when using Throwing Weapons. Passive
Generic Skill.gif 15 Increase Poison Resistance 5 n/a n/a Increases resistance to Poison. Passive
Utsusemi Skin Shed.gif 18 Utsusemi Skin Shed 5 SP 20/24/28/32/36 3~7 React to an attack by teleporting to a selected spot. This skill causes the attacker to be immobilized if it is a monster. Active
Cloaking.gif 20 Cloaking 3 SP 15/30/50 n/a Move while in Hiding. Active
Critical Ambush.gif 20 Critical Ambush 5 SP 8/10/12/14/16 1 Attack an enemy from behind for bigger damage. Active
Intoxicative Onslaught.gif 23 Intoxicative Onslaught 5 SP 4/5/6/7/8 MP 3 n/a Use 1 Assassin Potion (Intoxicative Onslaught) to increase damage at the risk being poisoned. Active
Apply Poison.gif 25 Apply Poison 3 SP 3/4/5 n/a Add Poison to a weapon to give Poison effect when attacking. Active
Shadow Preparedness.gif 30 Shadow Preparedness 5 SP 12/14/16/18 n/a Brutally attack an enemy while ignoring defense. Increases critical rate and decreases defense. Active
Poison Mist.gif 30 Poison Mist 5 SP 4/6/8/10/12 5x5 Use 1 Poison Potion to create a cloud of Poison in the surrounding area. Active
Generic Skill.gif 30 Assassin Spirit 1 n/a n/a Enhance status while in Spiritual Possession. User status affects status increase. Passive
Generic Skill.gif 33 Increase Critical Damage 5 n/a n/a Increases critical hit damage. Passive
Intoxicative Berserk.gif 35 Intoxicative Berserk 3 SP 6/12/18 n/a Use 1 Assassin Potion (Intoxicative Berserk) to increase attack speed of claws at the risk being poisoned. Active
Generic Skill.gif 38 Increase Poison Chance 5 n/a n/a Increases the chance of Poisoning enemies. Passive
Mirror Image.gif 40 Mirror Image 3 MP 5/10/15 5 Use 1 Memorial Tablet to create a doppelganger that will walk to a targeted spot and disappear after being hit. This skill can't be used in Night Training mode. Active
Generic Skill.gif 40 Combine Force 3 n/a n/a (SAGA 5, name maybe different after the implement)
Receive bonus attack power from a party.
Generic Skill.gif 41 Footwork 3 n/a n/a (SAGA 5, name maybe different after the implement)
Increases close-range and long-range evasion.
Surprise Attack.gif 50 Surprise Attack 5 SP 12/16/20/24/28 1 (SAGA 5, name maybe different after the implement)
Surprise an enemy with an attack during Cloak.

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