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Properties are used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of monsters and many damaging or defensive magical skills.

Properties System

There are six properties in total, Light, Dark, and the Elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

The property of a spell or monster will determine its relative power against another property spell or monster. This systems creates a rock, paper, scissors effect for many of the jobs. For example, most of the Warlocks skills inflict dark property damage. These skills will be especially effective against any monsters that have an element as their property, however any monster that has light as its property will be resistant to these skills.

The Shaman and Elementalist jobs have the benefit of being able to choose what damage type they will generate, because they have skills for each of the elements. However a any dark property monsters (such as Undead) will be more resilient to these attacks.

Not all magical skills have a property. For example, all of the Wizard skills are property neutral, making them equally effective against all spells and monsters. The downside is that they will not receive any property bonuses, since nothing will be especially weak against these spells.

Properties Flowchart



  • There are three main properties, Light, Darkness, Elements.
  • Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, all this four are included in Element.
  • Element contains its own chains of strong and weakness, such as Fire strong against Water but weak against Wind.
  • Darkness strong against Elements but weak against Light.
  • Light strong against Darkness but weak against Elements.
  • Element strong against Light but weak against Darkness.
  • In other words, Light weak against Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, but strong against Darkness and Darkness strong against Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, but weak against Light.
  • Many players belive the elemental chain to flow the opposite way it should.
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