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Welcome to the Community Portal! This page is a resource for wiki authors or would-be wiki authors to help provide some direction with the work we still need to do.

Help Build This Wiki

Wikipe-tan coaching.png

Please feel free to add or improve content on this wiki. We need all of the help we can get documenting gameplay and features!

Don't be afraid, there really is no way to screw it up. Anything can be un-done or fixed easily. Even if you don't know wiki formatting, just get the information up and someone will clean/move it as needed.

What We Need

  • Please feel free to upload your guides in the Guides section!


Stubs are short articles that need expansion. Please add to add what you know to these articles.

Missing articles list

The complete list of all of the other missing articles:

Author Resources

How to create a new article

  1. Create a link to the topic you want to make in an existing article. (e.g. [[Item Repair]])
  2. Save the page and click the new red link you just created.
  3. Type in your new article and click save page.

Red links

A red link is a link to an article that doesn't exist yet. Click it, type in what you know and click "Save page".


You have to be a registered member to upload images.

You can upload an image on the Upload file page. Once your image has been uploaded you can use it by typing [[Image:File Name.jpg]]. (Replace "File Name.jpg" with the actual name of course)

Useful links

To-Do List

This is a list of the major things we still need to do to improve the wiki.

Small Projects


We need to fill out the individual marionette pages.

Big Projects


Collect information for the various known pets and write guides for the ones which don't have a guide yet.


Collect information and write individual pages for each skill.

Herculean Projects

Complete list and details page for all:

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