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Cover art for the first OST published by Avex Trax.

The music from the Original Soundtrack, or OST for Emil Chronicle Online is available to play by any media player in the game install directory. This page contains a list of the songs included with the game.


Disc Version

The Emil Chronicle Online Original Soundtrack was published by Avex Trax. A CD+DVD Limited Edition was released Mar 23, 2006. This package included a CD with the audio soundtrack in high quality and a DVD containing the ECO Anime Trailer. This package has gone out of production and is now a rare enthusiasts item.

A second OST was published by Avex Trax on August 1, 2007. This second release was a 2-disc compilation featuring many news songs. This release is still being produced.

Emil Chronicle Online OST

Release Info

Release Date: Mar 23, 2006
Published By: Avex Trax
Catalog Number: AVCD-17943/B
Number of CDs: 2 (1 CD + 1 DVD)
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack


Disc One
  2. Happy Merry feeling
  3. Ceaseless conflict
  4. good morning
  5. Life
  6. dear my friends
  7. the Palace
  8. time
  9. Down to the danger
  10. Crushed darkness
  11. The world of curiosity
  12. Alone in the snowstorm
  13. Snow mirage
  14. Phantasmagoria
  15. Sea of Sand
  16. Beyond the Destiny
  17. Day-to-day,Sweet-to-sweet
  18. Dance in the shadows
  19. Flair for life
  20. Dance to the breeze
  21. ldyllic journey
  22. Hold on to love(Heartful Edition)

Emil Chronicle Online OST Vol.2 ~Door of Neogenesis~

Cover art for the second OST published by Avex Trax.

Release Info

Release Date: August 1, 2007
Published By: Avex Trax
Catalog Number: AVCD-23308/9
Number of CDs: 2
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack


Disc One
  1. theme of Emil
  2. easygoing
  3. Lucky!
  4. Play in the wilderness
  5. theme of Titania
  6. memories
  7. my country
  8. the tune of the vesper
  9. break through the parallel
  10. theme of Dominion
  11. Over the infinite helix
  12. Coming danger, incoming crisis
  13. The thing (hiding in darkness)
  14. Portion in life
  15. Sound of the ruin
  16. Step to the fate
  17. Sacred duties
  18. Road of the brave
Disc Two
  1. Crispy winey early spring
  2. blossom shower
  4. The Laughing Man
  5. Holy day, Holy night
  6. Happy Merry Feeling BIG BRASS mix
  7. The world of curiosity IMGROOVE mix
  8. BOY MEETS GIRL '07 ~Mysterious Island Remix~

File Information


The audio tracks for ECO are located in the Emil Chronicle Online\data\sound folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Emil Chronicle Online\data\sound). Sound track files have a simple naming convention, bgm_XXXX.


The background music files are encoded as Windows Media Audio (WMA) files with bit rates ranging from 64kbps to 160kbps.

Song/Filename Table

Red indicates songs that are unimplemented (not yet in client files).

File Name Use Official Title [Album] Additional Information

Main Theme

bgm_1000 Title Screen Far and away [The World of Curiosity]

Fields (101x-102x)

bgm_1010 Lake Calyx, Fareast Main Street Far and away [The World of Curiosity] Same as bgm_1000
bgm_1011 Title Screen Sea of Sand
bgm_1012 North Cape, North Plateau, North Mountain, Eternal North Boundary Alone in the Snowstorm
bgm_1013 Snov Snowfield, Snov Mountain Road, Snov Fork The World of Curiosity [The World of Curiosity]
bgm_1014 Mothgue Cliff, Battleship Island Play in the Wilderness
bgm_1015 Tutorial Map, Undersea Cave My Country [Dear My Friends]
bgm_1016 Acronia Eastern Beach, Baobab Forest (Night/Cloudy) Time [From the Ruins]
bgm_1017 Mai Mai Island, Baobab Forest The World of Curiosity IMGROOVE mix fishtone/atuhiko nakatubo bgm_1013 arrangement
bgm_1018 Dominion West Plains, Castle Gates, ECO Town Bath House (Special Person Event) Song For Battle Contains lyrics
bgm_1019 East Acronia Plains (Titania World) Heavenly Garden Something heavenly?
bgm_1020 South Utena Outpost Living Together in a Village

Dungeons (105x)

bgm_1050 Continental Cave [1F-2F], East Cape (Wasabi and Grape Version) Down to the Danger
bgm_1051 Iron City D Dance in the Shadows
bgm_1052 Infinite Corridor Over the Infinity Helix
bgm_1053 Dominion World (Heaven's Tower) Sound of the Ruin
bgm_1054 Waterlayer Break Through the Parallel
bgm_1055 Abandoned Mine (1F-3F), Light Tower Coming Danger Incoming Crisis
bgm_1056 Mai Mai Ruins The Thing (Hiding in Darkness) [From the Ruins]
bgm_1057 Under the Pressure Dungeon?
bgm_1058 Arabian or Indian Style Flute and Sitar
bgm_1059 Abyss Opening, Abyss Pulse Of Space
bgm_1060 Dungeon?

Cities (108x-109x)

bgm_1080 Acropolis Uptown, Movable Bridge Life [The World of Curiosity]
bgm_1081 Acropolis Downtown Dear My Friends [Dear My Friends]
bgm_1082 Iron City Day-to-day Sweet-to-sweet
bgm_1083 Northern Promenade Snow Mirage
bgm_1084 Fareast City Idyllic Journey
bgm_1085 Farmer's Farm, Tonka Island, Flair for Life
bgm_1086 Morg City, Outside Light Tower The Tune of Vesper (from soundtrack)
bgm_1087 East Cape, Seamstress Dance to the Breeze (from soundtrack)
bgm_1088 Acropolis Bars, Jewelry Stores, etc. Harvest (Song Title from Mobile GungHo)
bgm_1089 West Fort The Last Haven
bgm_1090 Battle
bgm_1091 Titania Beach, ECO and City Shops, Town Welcome Center
bgm_1092 A dungeon or boss hard rock?
bgm_1093 Aile Ciel Holy Stream A city or field with a wind symphony and choir?

Special Buildings (110x)

bgm_1100 Knights of Acronia, Arena, Ruins, Plaza Entrance Road of the Brave (from soundtrack)
bgm_1104 Glacial Tunnel (1F-3F), North Dungeon Phantasmagoria
bgm_1105 Guild Palace The Palace
bgm_1106 Titania Warp Room, Dominion Warp Room, Instance Dungeon (Ruins) Ceaseless Conflict [From the Ruins]
bgm_1107 ECO Hot Springs Distant hot springs in bgm_1140
bgm_1108 Flying Castle Farm

Events (114x-116x)

bgm_1140 Tiny Island, Dumpty Island, Enigma Group Fortress Lucky! Wordless Lyrics (Scat)
bgm_1141 Outside Castle of Undead Memories [Dear My Friends]
bgm_1142 Continental Cave (3F-5F), Bee Village Crushed darkness [From the Ruins]
bgm_1143 White Church, Black Church, St. Valentine Church Sacred Duties
bgm_1144 Undead Castle (Inside), Distorted Abyss Portion in life
bgm_1145 Island of the Undead, East D, Poisonous Marsh, Forest Primeval Step to the fate
bgm_1146 Acronia Plains Good morning [dear my friends]
bgm_1147 Instance Dungeon (ruins area boss) Dominion Theme [From the ruins]
bgm_1148 Enigma Group Map Youko's House Titania Theme [dear my friends]
bgm_1149 Practicing Knights, Airship Terminal Screen Emil Theme [The World of Curiosity]
bgm_1150 Character Selection Scree, Airship Happy Merry Feeling [The World of Curiosity]
bgm_1151 Momo Plains, Breadbasket easygoing
bgm_1152 Slap the Killer Bee, Killer Bee Hill Beyond the destiny
bgm_1153 Honky-tonk piano for a western-style bar
bgm_1154 Wind OP
bgm_1155 ECO Town Attraction Zone
bgm_1156 Emil Dragon Battle Maximum Attack!
bgm_1157 During Seasonal Event "Some House 2" bgm_1142 arrangement by Takahashi Kazuki
bgm_1158 Empty Abyss, Illusionary Abyss During Seasonal Event "Some House 2" Like the sounds of wind blowing from the southeast by Takahashi Kazuki
bgm_1159 During Seasonal Event "Some House 2" bgm_1051 arrangement by Takahashi Kazuki
bgm_1160 During Seasonal Event "Some House 2" bgm_1158 + bgm_1159 arrangement by Takahashi Kazuki

Seasonal Events (117x)

bgm_1170 Fareast Main Street (During Flower Viewing) HANAMI (blossom shower: Soundtrack viewing page 2) Flower Viewing Events BGM
bgm_1171 Other Plains (During New Year) Crispy winey early spring New Year Events BGM
bgm_1172 Northern Promenade (During Christmas) Holy day Holy night Christmas Events BGM Jingle Bells
bgm_1173 Uptown and Downtown (During Halloween) The Laughing Man Halloween Events BGM
bgm_1174 Tiny Island (During Fireworks) Fireworks Events BGM
bgm_1175 Using Spring Music Box (Marsha) Sakura has come Marsha (Song / miko)
bgm_1176 Using Spring Music Box (Ruruie) Dancing hierarchy RURUIE (Song / Science Morinaga)
bgm_1177 Using Spring Music Box (Tita) Lovely Patio Marsha (Song / miko)
bgm_1178 Using Summer Music Box (Marsha) Best Summer Festival☆Declaration Marsha (Song / miko)
bgm_1179 Using Summer Music Box (Ruruie) Starmine Festival RURUIE (Song / Science Morinaga)
bgm_1180 Using Summer Music Box (Tita) Beat Marshmallow Marsha (Song / miko)

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