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Spiritual Possession is a system which allows one character to place its essence inside of a piece equipment (weapons or armor) that it is wearing so that another character may benefit from wearing the same item without actually transferring ownership of the item, this allows higher level players to benefit newer ones by way of granting them more powerful gear than they would normally have immediately available. It also allows for two characters of similar level to loan one another equipment in a way that is mutually beneficial. The owner of the possessed item sees the game through the perspective of the one currently equipped with his piece of equipment, but is free to move the camera as he pleases, he will also receive a small portion of the experience gained through monsters killed by the one wearing his item.


When in the possession state, a player is incapable of interacting with any NPC, however, they retain all of their chat functions including standard public chat which will be seen to originate from an invisible force standing next to the one equipped with the possessed item.

A character is only able to wear one piece of possessed equipment at any one time, and logging out of the game will cause the possessed item to fall to the ground in the same fashion as when the possession ritual is freshly cast.

It is very important to recognize that possession items are not able to simply overlap a character's currently equipped gear, in order to equip a possessed item one must remove any gear in slots that the desired item will occupy.


You may possess the equipment of any person who is logged on, even if they are currently equipping the armor. If you do so, you are still free to use all your skills, even damaging skills while you are possessing the equipment. For example, a Swordsman may still cast Quick Slash Combo while possessing equipment, but it still must be in the indicated range. Vates may heal the person, and still cast magic to heal allies/hurt enemies. If a person possessing an equipment casts a self buff, it will automatically buff the wearer instead. However there is certain skills that unable to use while possessing, such as Warlock's Dark Globe or Vates's Holy Globe.

Any consumables used while possessing an item will heal both (mp, hp, sp) the possessor and the person who is using the possessed equipment for the same amount. For example, Player 1 is possessing armor on Player 2. If Player 1 uses a Jerico (heals +5 hp), both player 1 and player 2 will receive +5 hp.

Important Notes

Only up to three people can possess the equipment of a single player. However, if the wearer receives enough damage, even people possessing equipment may receive damage, and can even die and be taken out of the person being possessed.

Players must be within 30 levels of each other to use possession.

The player possessing the other will have all their HP, MP, and SP regenerate very quickly.

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