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For a list of player rings, see List of Rings

A ring (sometimes called a guild or a clan) is an in-game association of players.

Advantages of a ring

Joining a good ring can make the game much more enjoyable.

  • You get access to a group of people willing to help.
  • Finding party members becomes much easier.
  • Ring chat gives you a place to talk and socialize with others anywhere at any time.
  • Free or greatly discounted used equipment from members who no longer need it.
  • Variety of players from a variety of jobs can make it much easier to have items made or repaired.
  • A group of people you can trust when it comes time to kill a boss.

Ring processes

Forming a ring

Anyone who is not a member of a ring can form a ring. If you are a member of a ring you must leave your current ring before you can start a new one.

To create a new ring you will need 10,000 gold. Talk to the Ring Administrator in Uptown Acropolis City and go through the setup process. Once you have created the ring you can immediately invite others to join the ring.

The ring name is limited to 24 alphanumeric characters.

Joining a ring

To join a ring you need to have someone with the appropriate role within the ring invite you to join the ring.

Leaving a ring

To leave a ring simply open the ring menu, and right click on your name and choose leave

Dissolving a ring

Only the ring master can dissolve the ring.

(More information needed)

Ring roles and permissions

Ring master

The ring master is the leader of the ring. There can only be one ring master. The person who formed the ring will always be the first ring master.

Privileges of the Ring Master:

  • Invite and expel members
  • Set ring emblem (See: Ring Emblem)
  • Set and revoke roles of members.
  • Dissolve the ring.
(There are other roles - More information needed)

Election system

(More information needed)

Size limitation

Rings can only hold a limited number of players. The initial limit for any new ring is 16 people, this will be increased as the ring gains prestige, up to a maximum of 40.

Ring emblem

A ring emblem is a small graphic which is displayed next to every members name. Any ring with a prestige rating of 300 or more can set a ring emblem. Only the ring master can set the ring emblem.

You can choose from a set of emblems or you can make and use your own. A custom emblem must be a 24x24 PNG file. PNG-24 alpha transparency is supported.

Prestige chart

Prestige is earned by members completing quests. Ring capacity is limited by the amount of prestige a ring has accumulated.

Prestige value Ring Capacity Prestige to Expand Expansion Cost Increase
0-277 16 278 n/a
278-588 17 311 33
589-935 18 347 36
936-1320 19 385 38
1321-1744 20 424 39
1745-2209 21 465 41
2210-2718 22 509 44
2719-3272 23 554 45
3273-3873 24 601 47
3874-4523 25 650 49
4524-5224 26 701 51
5225-5978 27 754 53
5979-6787 28 809 55
6788-7652 29 865 56
7653-8576 30 924 59
8577-9560 31 984 60
9561-10607 32 1047 63
10608-11718 33 1111 64
11719-12896 34 1178 67
12897-14142 35 1246 68
14143-15458 36 1316 70
15459-16846 37 1388 72
16847-18308 38 1462 74
18309-19846 39 1538 76
19847+ 40 n/a n/a

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