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A Party is a temporary group of players. The party system allows a group of players to work together on a task, chat privately, and share experience. A party can only have up to eight characters and only one character can be the party leader.

Creating a Party

  1. Right-click the name of the character you want to party with.
  2. Select "Invite to the Party".
  3. The character who sends the invite will be the party leader and the character receiving the invite will become a party member.

Party Management

  • To rename the party, right click over yourself and select "Rename Party".
  • To disband the party, right click over yourself and select "Disband Party".

Creating an Advertisement

  1. Click CTRL + N on your keyboard or type /ui_comment to open the advertisement.
  2. Select the category of "Party".
  3. Write the title and the message you want displayed.
  4. Click OK.

Viewing Advertisements

  1. Click CTRL + L on the keyboard or type /ui_commentlist to open the advertisement list.
  2. Select the category of "Party".
  3. Click "Reload".


The party leader is the only member of the party that can invite other people to join the party. The party leader cannot keep a member in the party if he or she wants to leave, but they may remove members.


Experience rewarded for killing monsters will receive a bonus based on the number of people in the party. The sum of the total experience plus the bonus will then be divided equally between all members of the party who are within a certain distance from the kill.

Experience Bonus Table

Party members Exp Bonus
2 30%
3 50%
4 70%
5 90%
6 110%
7 130%
8 150%
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