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Monster Stamp Collection, with the Pururu and Urchin stamps already stamped.

Monster stamps are special items that drop off of certain monsters, at a very low rate. If you have a Monster Stamp Collection, you can choose to add any stamps you may find to it, and, as you fill up your collection, you can even earn prizes!


How To Obtain

Simply visit the Cafe Stamp Manager in Acropolis City Uptown. She's located slightly to the southeast, near Tiny. After a short introduction to the Monster Stamp system, she'll give you a free Monster Stamp Collection!

Collecting Stamps

Stamps can be acquired either by finding them as drops from defeated monsters, or by purchasing them from other players. Once acquired, you can add a stamp to your collection by double clicking it. This will consume the stamp, however, so make sure that you want to use it!

Stamp Series

Once added to your collection, stamps will be sorted into one of eleven different series. Each series contains a group of ten different monsters, except for the Special series, which only has eight. You can tell what series a given stamp falls under by looking at it's color. Collect every stamp in a given series, and you can return to the Cafe Stamp Manager for a prize! The following is a listing of the different series, and the stamps they contain.

Pururu Series (Red)

Pururu Stamp
Milk Pitcher Stamp
Amber Jelly Stamp
Kool Stamp
Yellow Pururu Stamp
Coal Tar Stamp
Green Pururu Stamp
Mage Pururu Stamp
Oker Jelly Stamp
Lost Metallic Stamp

Prize for Completing Pururu Series

-Catty Plasma

Plains Series (Purple)

Urchin Stamp
Crawler Stamp
Killer Bee Stamp
ChockKo Stamp
Bawoo Stamp
Salad Urchin Stamp
Caterpillar Stamp
Earth Spider Stamp
Giant Crawler Stamp
Bear Stamp

Prize for Completing Plains Series

Beach Series (Blue)

Crimson Bawoo Stamp
Cockatrice Stamp
Elder Worm Stamp
Fly Fish Stamp
Crash Ice Stamp
White Fang Stamp
Polar Bear Stamp
Jerev Stamp
Mokju Stamp
Crystal Stamp

Prize for Completing Beach Series

Desert Series (Light Blue)

Sand Crawler Stamp
Tanker Stamp
Wasp Stamp
Roper Stamp
Mummy Stamp
Skeleton Stamp
Queen Bee Stamp
Poisonous Lizard Stamp
Dentacle Stamp
BriKing RX1 Stamp

Prize for Completing Desert Series

Continental Dungeon Series (Green)

Zircon I Stamp
Draki Stamp
Wisp Stamp
Cave Loki Stamp
Mock Stamp
Dried Corpse Stamp
Cave Fish Stamp
Living Dead Stamp
Bubi Stamp
Snakehead Fish Stamp

Prize for Completing Continental Dungeon Series

-Catty Shielder

Snow Land Series (Yellow)

Edge Stamp
Willydoo Stamp
Pefang Stamp
Snow Crystal Stamp
Mini Demon Stamp
Cyclops Stamp
Dark Feather Stamp
Thunderbird Stamp
Death Stamp
Dumpty Stamp

Prize for Completing Snow Land Series

Dead Mine Dungeon Series (Orange)

Tarantula Stamp
Cut Bat Stamp
Crimson Chief Stamp
Morningstar Stamp
Metal Urchin Stamp
Zircon II Stamp
Kabull Stamp
Killer Beast Stamp
Metallic Stamp
Black Bear Stamp

Prize for Completing Dead Mine Dungeon Series

Northern Dungeon Series (Brown)

Minidoo Stamp
Arcana Clover Stamp
Skeleton Archer Stamp
Arcana Diamond Stamp
Arcana Heart Stamp
Arcana Spade Stamp
Arcana Jack Stamp
Ogre Stamp
Arcana Queen Stamp
Living Armor Stamp

Prize for Completing Northern Dungeon Series

Iron South Series (White)

Lava Pururu Stamp
South Pole Pefang Stamp
KangKang Stamp
Tropical Fish Stamp
Cinnamon Stamp
Rock Eater Stamp
PuruPuru Stamp
Gigo Stamp
Andante Stamp
BriKing RX1 Stamp

Prize for Completing Iron South Series

South Dungeon Series (Gray)

White Lesser Demon Stamp
Devastator Stamp
Spell Caster Stamp
Chimera Stamp
Ramia Stamp
BriKing Custom-Made Stamp
Blocks Stamp
Dominion Blackguard Stamp
Dominion High Blackguard Stamp
Phoenix Stamp

Prize for Completing South Dungeon Series

Special Series (Rainbow)

Diaper Man! Stamp
Broken Stuffed Doll Stamp
Most Powerful Evil Stamp
White Bear Stamp
King Roper Stamp
Jumbo ChockKo Stamp
Thunder King Stamp
Hell King Stamp

Prize for Completing Special Series

-Golden Booster

All Stamps Completed

Prizes for Completing All Series

-Papa Booster

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