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Level is a term used to quantify the power, difficulty, or degree of advancement of a character, item, quest, skill or monster.

When people talk about "Level" in Emil Chronicle Online, they are usually referring to the basic level, job level, or both. However quests and monsters are also labeled with levels to reflect their degree of difficulty. skills and items are also labeled with levels.


Player Levels

Player characters have two different levels, basic level and job level. The two level have different effects, however, since experience rewards are usually (not always the case) for both basic level and job level these two statistics are highly related.

Basic level
The level of a character is used to identify it's relative power.
Job level
Job levels are used to grant skill points, attribute bonuses, and equipment qualifications.


You can increase your basic level and job level by earning the relevant experience. Experience is rewarded for killing monsters or completing quests.

Level Cap

The maximum basic level is capped at 110, job level is capped at 50. Once you reach the level cap you will not be able to advance it any further.

Skill Level

Main article: Skills

Most Skills can be advanced to become more powerful. An attack skill trained to level 5 is significantly more powerful, and costly to use, than that same skill trained only to level 1. Some skills cannot be advanced.

Item Level

Main article: Equipment

Most weapons and armor have a minimum level requirement. This indicates the minimum job level a character must attain before it is qualified to use that item.

Quest Level

Main article: Quest

Quests are assigned a level to identify the difficulty of that quest.

Monster Level

Main article: Monster

All Monsters are categorized by level to determine the relative degree of difficulty for players.

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