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Item Fusion allows players to combine the looks of one piece of equipment with the stats and effectiveness of another. Once a pair of items has been fused they will become one item that bears the icon of the "ability" item with a small gold star in the bottom left.



Have you ever gotten a better weapon or higher level piece of armor only to decide that you don't like the looks of it? This mechanic will let you attach the model (the "Look" item) of a similar piece of equipment to your new item (the "Ability" item) while keeping all of the stats of the current item. This process lets players choose exactly what they want their equipment to look like.


Items can only be combined if they fit the same equipment slot, job, race, and gender. So daggers can only be fused with other daggers, bows can only be fused with other bows, hair accessories can only be fused with other hair accessories, dominion equipment can only be fused to other dominion equipment or "all race" equipment, and female armor can only be fused with other female armor or unisex armor.

The "Look" item must also be less than or equal to the level of the "Ability" item.

Other Restrictions

  • Event items cannot be fused.
  • Equipment that exists only to complete a quest cannot be fused.
  • Once a pair of items is combined the resulting fusion item cannot be dyed.


To fuse two items together you must have both items, the catalyst and the gold to pay the fee to the NPC.

This process can fail. If the fusion process fails the catalyst and fee will be lost but the original items will remain in the players inventory.

For a succesful fusion you must have in consideration the characteristics of the items you want to fuse, because theres a succes rate involved, taking as a base the similarity of the two items.

For example you have a high succes rate when you want to fuse a Field Jacket (M) with a Field Coat (M) (something like 80% of succes) that is because both items have very similar characteristics.

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