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Expressions, sometimes called emotions or emotes, are special visual effects and actions that a character can perform. These effects are meant to express your feelings or send a message to other players in with a visual effect.

You can use an emote by typing the appropriate command into your chat, by hitting the key combination shortcut, by assigning it to a macro, or by clicking the appropriate icon in your emotions window or action bar.



Actions make your character move in a characteristic way, doing a physical expression of the effect you want to convey.

Icon Command Default Shortcut Description
Bowemote.gif /bow ALT + I Polite bow
Break.gif /break ALT + R Sit down and take a break
Bye.gif /bye ALT + 1 Wave goodbye
Chair.gif /chair ALT + E Sit in a chair
Disappoint.gif /disappoint ALT + L Expression of complete failure
Dogeza.gif /dogeza ALT + W Polite beg
Joy.gif /joy ALT + 4 Raise a hand in success
Jump.gif /jump ALT + Q Jump into the air
No.gif /no ALT + 5 Abolutely not
Nod.gif /nod ALT + 3 Nod in agreement
Pon.gif /pon ALT + T That's it!
Relax.gif /relax ALT + 7 Lay back on the ground and relax
Sit.gif /sit ALT + 6, Insert Sit down on the ground
Slump.gif /slump ALT + O Take a nap on the table
Speak.gif /speak ALT + 2 Start talking
Tired.gif /tired ALT + P Sag in exhaustion
Turn1.gif /turn1 ALT + 0 Swift counter-clockwise turn and strike a pose
Turn2.gif /turn2 ALT + 9 Swift clockwise turn and strike a pose
Yahoo.gif /yahoo ALT + 8 Jumping in success

Icon Effects

Icon effect place an icon above your character that represents a message or emotion.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Series

Used for playing rock-paper-scissors.

Icon Command Default Shortcut Description
Paper(Emote).gif /*paper ALT + G Paper! (rock-paper-scissors)
Scissorsemote.gif /*scissors ALT + F Scissors! (rock-paper-scissors)
Stone.gif /*stone ALT + D Rock! (rock-paper-scissors)

Effects Series

Place an icon that represents an emote on your character. These icons are done in the Japanese manga style.

Icon Command Default Shortcut Description
Anger1.gif /*anger1 ALT + X I'm pissed
Anger2.gif /*anger2 ALT + C Annoyed expression
Daze.gif /*daze ALT + J What? Where?
Line.gif /*line ALT + S Dark expression
Note.gif /*note ALT + B Display a musical note
Smile.gif /*smile ALT + V Display a look of amusement
Startle.gif /*startle ALT + H Startled expression
Surprised1.gif /*surprised1 ALT + Z What?!
Surprised2.gif /*surprised2 ALT + K What?!
Sweat1.gif /*sweat1 ALT + N You've got to be kidding me
Sweat2.gif /*sweat2 ALT + M Not good
Sweat3.gif /*sweat2 ALT + A Really not good

Text Series

Display a word above your character.

Icon Command Default Shortcut Description
Ok1.gif /*ok! CTRL + 1 OK!
Ok2.gif /*ok? CTRL + 2 OK?
Allright.gif /*allright CTRL + 3 All Right
Fight.gif /*fight CTRL + 4 Fight!
Help.gif /*help CTRL + 5 Help!
Thx.gif /*thx ALT + Y Thanks
Sorry.gif /*sorry ALT + U Sorry...

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