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This Choosing a Job guide is intended to help new players decide which starting job will be best for them. This guide will not go into the expert and technical jobs changes that follow.

All of the jobs in Emil Chronicle Online are somewhat versatile, with at least some ability to play solo and be useful to a party. However they all have clear roles.

It's best to start your decision by figuring out what role you want to play.

Can't decide what to choose?

The recommended beginning jobs are melee jobs, such as Swordsman or Fencer. These are not very complicated and have an easy to understand playstyle. Fencers can survive very well, and swordsman are very strong. Pretty good to start the high learning curve/slow start up introduction to the game.

Mages have low defense and require plenty of MP, harder to start up. Scouts are weak, agility based, so it will take a huge amount of grinding and a lot of patience to start up. Backpacking jobs are weak at the start, and require plenty of work to really hit their potential.

Job Roles

A good place to start when choosing a job is to decide what role you want to play. There are several basic roles:

Damage Dealer
The role of a damage dealer is to put as much damage on a target in as short of a time as possible. They don't do well when they are under attack themselves but they make up for this weakness by killing enemies very quickly.
Melee Damage Jobs
Ranged Damage Jobs
A tank is built around being very difficult to kill. They do not do the best damage but they can stand against groups of monsters.
The healers job is to help other players while they are in battle. A healer will always be in high demand for parties. This is a great role if you are social because you will always be talking to other players. There is only one starting job that can specialize in healing:
The role of a gatherer is finding and picking up useful items. These jobs have skills that increase the drop rate of items from monsters, or have abilities to create items, or both.
A trader is a specialist and acquiring items for cheap and selling them for a profit. This role often revolves around moving large quantities of items from one place to another and selling them to players or NPCs. There is only one starting job that can specialize in trade:
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