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Joint Jobs

Breeder is a job that specializes in breeding.

See: Fareast City for breeding equipment.

A breeder is able to use specialized skills alongside the use of pets. Breeders may exclusively ride pets.



Job level 30 in First, Expert, or Technical

How to become a Breeder

  1. In Fareast City, enter the FIRST BUILDING at the south side of the map.
  2. Talk to the lady behind the counter and choose the first option.
  3. Talk to the guy standing in front of the door. Once you're inside talk to the guy near the table.
  4. Choosing the options: 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 and 1. After that go talk to the lady behind the counter again. Choosing the 1st and then the 2nd option.
  5. Talk to her again and she'll give you the Dragon. You have 3 minutes to deliver this dragon to the Girl, and then Guy on the end of the labirinth. Gotta go 2 times, I think.
  6. Talk to the lady behind the counter again and she'll give you the Breeder Brooch.

Congratz, you're now able to use the skills of a breeder, just equip it. But remember, when equiped the job of whatever class you are, won't go up, so if you're leveling, take it off. Also beware about the equipment, when you equip the Brooch you're no longer X class, you'll become a Breeder.


Breeder is able to use the following equipment:


Unlike a first or second job, skills require no skill points and are learned automatically by reaching the appropriate Job Level.

Icon Job Level Name Max Level Cost Range Description Type
Go!.gif 1 Go! 1 Order a pet to attack a single target. Active
Return!.gif 3 Return! 1 10 Order a pet to stop attacks. Active
Generic Skill.gif 5 Biology 1 n/a n/a Increases the effectiveness of training several different skills. Passive
Certified Trust.gif 8 Certified Trust 1 Allows a pet to strike a pose. Active
Heat Therapy.gif 10 Heat Therapy 1 SP 25 Set up a bonfire on the map to gradually restore HP. Active
Generic Skill.gif 13 Reins 1 n/a n/a Allows for the personal use of pets as mounts with licenses. Passive
Encouragement.gif 14 Encouragement 1 SP 12 5 Temporarily increase the physical attack of a pet. Active
Generic Skill.gif 15 Grow Up 1 n/a n/a Increases the chance of growth for an equipped pet. Passive
Metamorphosis.gif 20 Metamorphosis 1 SP 25 Pets transform and change appearance when equipped (Does not apply to mounts). Passive
Generic Skill.gif 23 Lion's Might 1 n/a n/a Increases the abilities of equipped animals. Passive
Acrobat Evasion.gif 27 Acrobat Evasion 1 SP 25 Evasion rate increases during fights (Does not apply to mounts). Active
Pet Delay Cancel.gif 30 Pet Delay Cancel 1 SP 36 Shortens the interval between pet attacks. Active
Prominency.gif -- Prominency 1 SP 25  Pets are allowed to attack twice while mounted. Active

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